Tuesday, February 24, 2009

On Being Handy

I realized that I only have 5++ months to go before my internship ends. That's why for the past two weeks, I've been in my coveralls on my feet (figuratively) in my room, hammering away. I know you can't imagine me being such a handy person because of one stupid notion, but those who know me dearly would know that I'm the person they can count on for lending a hammer or a screwdriver.

In fact I had two hammers in college. One for me, one for people who borrow but never returns it.

Anyway back to what I was saying, last week on Saturday, I went to Ikea to pick up a rack. I planned to hang around for 1 hour the most. But of course, all plans foiled when you reach Ikea. The whole jaunt took 2.30 hours, excluding late lunch. It was actually good timing if you ask me, because usually a trip to Ikea is equivalent to a paid day trip. Then I checked out Bijou Bazaar, but that's another story.

I got home and unloaded the ridiculously heavy DIY rack (of course somebody helped me with that. I'm simply a handy person, not a MAN), brought it upstairs and expected my brother to help me put it together. Surprise, surprise, he doesn't like this kind of stuff.

I did whack him and shouted "what??!!! Are you kidding me??? But you're a guy!!!!" He gave me a shrug and went on using the computer.

Then I realize that's like saying to me, "WHAT??! You don't know how to cook??? But you're a girl!!!!!" I would answer yeah, I guess. A shrug. And continue eating.

Hopeless prospect.

So what I did was to take matters into my own hands. It was quite fun doing it in the middle of night and waking the neighbors and brothers with my hammering. I wouldn't have asked for anyone's help if that thing wasn't so heavy! My poor back.. but I did it with no harm done.

And just to share the pictures.




So, does anybody wanna pay me for assembling their DIY furniture? I can also do wall racks, machine drilling for lighting, mirror and also repair your faulty doorknobs. I'm joking, don't take me seriously people.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Do Humans This Perfect Actually Exist?!

Before I show you the video, let me say something first. The reason why I like this video soo much is because I just felt like it's something that every girl could possibly want(OR perhaps, everything I would want :P ). And yeah, of course right now since I'm already scarf crazy, it's only fitting. If I wasn't already wearing hijab, I'd want to wear one. Seriously..

And in case you're wondering, the song is Halili by Cheb Mami & Elissa and yes, it's in french & arabic. So hot.

OK. I'm not ganna say too much now. Enjoy.

Please watch till the end, because the good ones doesn't show in the beginning. (The first few ones aren't my favorite.)

Say something. I wanna know what you think!

P/s: Don't get weirded out whenever I comment about your pretty scarf when you're talking about politics. Their just so shiny and soft...........

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Why I miss pakistan

Six months ago, my family were in Pakistan. I was here in Malaysia alone. It felt like it, no matter what people say. I’d go to Pakistan once a year and see my family again, so you can imagine how excited I’d feel when the year was coming to an end.

Now everyone’s migrated back to Tanah Melayu (adore that name). I don’t travel overseas at the end of the year anymore. I don’t get excited to buy coats anymore. I can’t say bye-bye to everyone with a pretend sad-like face anymore.

So you can see, I miss going to Pakistan. If you’re going skeptical now, saying I can’t possibly miss that place, it’s like walking on mine land, there are no malls, everyone wears a uniform, fine. I’ll show you why.


In December, it’s winter in Pakistan. Winter? (Skeptical look) Yes, winter. Because Pakistan is a four season country and not a hot barren land you thought it was. I don’t blame you because I was the same.



If you think this is Canada, then you’ve never been to Pakistan before. I know, like DUH. Every winter, we’d all climb up the hill to enjoy the snow and freezer weather. Pakistanis tell us Malaysians that we’re so weird because they’d climb up the mountain during summer to escape the heat, but stay on ground level during winter to keep warm. We Malaysians climb up hill to get ourselves frozen. Do you know what jakun means though? Malaysia is friggin boring hot and humid all year, we can’t dream of having snow in a million years! That’s why we brave the slippery road to the top of the mountains during winter. Ah well, Pakistanis are jakun with the sea, so we’re even.



Two adorable Punjabi boys. One thing I notice about the PKs is that they are terribly camera-ready. I just had to point to my camera and they’d stand side by side and smile. ughh I love the mountain people!!



Behold, backdrop is the Himalayan mountains. If you notice the ridges on the mountain, those are the scars from the previous earthquake. Remember the big earthquake that hit Kashmir in 2005? This was one of the places affected by it. The view was so breathtaking, you just had to be there to experience it.



Here’s prove that I was indeed on the mountain, instead of taking pics from the bottom. Check out the sign which says Rawalpindi – 102 km down. Fact time: It took almost one day to climb up to Muzaffarabat, with stops in between. Most of it due to the fact that the road was Fraser’s Hill style all the way, plus at the top it was slippery. Thank the ice and snow. My youngest brother threw up twice on the way up.



The Punjabis like to hitch a ride. Though I’m not sure the reason behind their love of standing outside instead of riding the car like a normal person.



This is another example of their eccentricity. Somehow, they’d find a place to step on and hold on to eventhough I can see none… Kinda amazing.



These are the faces of the happy campers after finally reaching Muzaffarabat. The guy on my right is our guide/driver/translator. If you wanna climb up the mountains, it’s a smart idea to rent a 4x4.



Up there, it’s a lively city. Call me weird but it’s like discovering a lost city because it was all steep and narrow and little people along the way that you doubt that there’ll be any population at the top. Then, BAM!!!!!! People, tuk tuks, bikes, jeeps, buildings, electrical lines, trees and eateries. There you are.

Sumore pictures of the scenic undiscovered PK: ( I call it undiscovered because I never saw any travel stories on PK, especially on Discovery Travel and such. Guess they were too afraid to get up there. I swear if the white people would just put on a fake beard and moustache, they’d blend right in. Of course provided they don’t have blond hair or they’d have blown the cover.)


Look at this picture. Can you guess what happened?



Big mountain cat. Amazing they can stand very cold temperatures. They make me feel so ashamed with my fat shiny wind-breaker.



Sunset on the mountains.



A freaking river at the bottom of the mountain. SOooOOOOoooo gorgeous. Unlike any river I’ve seen. It’s very wide and loong. What a way to describe huh? It’s also calm, brown, and slow.


Making snow angels. How cliche.



I was wearing two layers of pants. The mountain people were wearing breathable cotton. I was wearing 3 layers of clothing, the mountain people were wearing breathable cotton draped with pashmina.



The two sleeping buritos. My brothers. It was ccccccold okay at night. The heater had one flame, which flickers on and off throughout the night. It was equivalent to sleeping in the freezer with one candle to warm you up.



That morning we polluted the environment.



Youngest brother with Altaf, our loyal driver/bodyguard.



End of trip. Next time I’ll show you around in my house there!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Oh No Kate Bosworth

I’ve got nothing against Kate Bosworth. If anything I wish she was acting in more movies. When I saw this picture, I thought she’s taking this fashionista thing waaaaaaaaaaay too seriously. I mean, grandpa’s oversized blazer and no pants? Don’t try to tell me that she’s wearing a skirt because that thing is shorter than my kitchen’s curtains.


Side note: My brothers and I had a good laugh over pics of these tough men.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

You're Not a Boy, So You Don't Understand

So you see, I was in the car on the way home when the ubiquitous Beyonce song came on air. I started singing along with the song though it was probably William Hung standard. I followed the song up to the part where she sang "If I were a boy, I think I would understand.........." I was taking a deep breath for another screaming part when suddenly Beyonce's voice was replaced by a guy's voice.

I thought, what the.... At first I thought the DJs were trying to be funny by intersecting the song! Yea, it was that bad in the beginning. Turns out they remixed the whole song to include a guy's point of view. I'm not liking the guy's voice, to be honest I still dunno who was singing and I'm not bothered to check. (Wait. It's Lee Carr?? I'm not sure who he is.)

There's just something about this song that explains something to me and I go, really? It's actually like that? After all this while, I was thinking guys are cruel and I agree with the song 100%!! But deep down, I always wanted the song to be answered. What would a guy actually say to those allegations. Sometimes guys avoid explaining themselves, it's very FRUSTRATing. Why can't guys be more forthcoming and honest for once! And the things they do just doesn't make sense. If you're protesting about something, just stop and tell us what's wrong for goodness sake. And stop behaving funny and hurting our feelings :( Huh.

Yeah and by the way, if you haven't seen the If I were a boy video, go check it out. That thing has been around for a very long time already. You wanna know which part got me heated up the most? The part where the guy says " What, it's not like Im sleeping with the girl." I felt like lending him a smack in the face with my metal-laden safety shoes. At first it was Beyonce who said it, same goes to her.

Some last words for the guys... don't treat your girls like yoyos. Menyampah ok. With that, I rest my case.
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