Sunday, May 31, 2009

Breathe, It’s the Weekends

Weekend Love

revved up for weekend






One more month to go before my feels-too-short-wish-it-could-go-on-longer internship at an international company. God, I really don’t feel up for studying another year. I really hope the year goes by warp speed.

The other day I bought an H&M top for RM 25. Sometimes you just gotta know where to find cheap for quality.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. Me and my family went to eat at Nippon Tei, KLCC on Thursday night. My grandma was also there. We taught her to use chopsticks and she mastered it in 5 minutes. Way to go grandma, you ROCK! We talked and talked until we were the last ones out of the place. Is it me, or does KLCC need to lengthen their opening hours up to 10.30pm?

Happy Weekend! xoxo

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


First things first, updates on the house rat. It lives in our kitchen. It can’t get out, and it eats food waste. Last night, we set up a mouse trap; or rather rat-trap to kill it. Well guess what, it ate the bait and escaped.

We’re talking about the spring loaded bar mousetrap here. Go Google if you don’t know what it is. How strong is the rat if it can escape this type of trap? Mouse trap

Me and mom are anxious about our hamsters. We first thought the rat might wanna mate with our hamsters if he sees them but after googling “rat meets hamster”, we see that perhaps, the rats would eat hamsters, sushi style no less.

Frankly speaking, I’d rather see my hamsters giving birth to long tailed babies *cringe* than to see hamsters sushi style if you know what I mean.

hamster edited

What’s that Milo? No, I didn’t say anything about rats,

I said cats.…Actually, it was mats.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Happy Weekend


MS. NICE GUY - "Tickets to the boxing match? Oh Darling, you shouldn't have." Also known as: What a gal, precious, one of the boys, my main squeeze, doormat. Advantages: Cheerful, agreeable, kindly
Disadvantages: May wise up someday.

OLD YELLER - "You G-D spineless good-for-nothing drag-ass no-talent son of a bitch! Can't you see you're making me miserable??" Also known as: She-Devil, Sourpuss, the Nag, My Old Lady, Warthog from Hell
Advantages: Pays attention to you
Disadvantages: Screeches, throws frying pans, Pays attention to you.

SICKLY - "Oh, my head. My head. My feet. My cramps. My cellulite" Also known as: Whiner, Mewler, Glumpy.
Advantages: Predictable
Disadvantages: Contagious

THE BOSSER - "Stand up straight. Put on a different tie. Get a haircut. Change your job. Make some money. Don't give me that look. " Also known as: Whipcracker, The Sarge, Ms. Know-it-all, Ball and Chain, yes, Mom.
Advantages: Often right
Disadvantages: Often right, but so what?

MS. VAGUELY DISSATISFIED - "I just can't decide. Should I switch my career, goals, home, and hair color?"
Also known as: The Fretter, Worrywart, Typical, Aw c'mon Honey.
Advantages: Easily soothed
Disadvantages: Even more easily perturbed

WILD WOMAN OUT OF CONTROL - "I've got an idea. Lez get drunk an' make love onna front lawn. I done it before. S'fun. "
Also known as: Fast girl, freewheeler, goodtime charleena, passed out
Advantages: More fun than a barrel of monkeys
Disadvantages: Unreliable; drives off cliffs

HUFFY - "I see nothing humorous in those silly cartoons you keep snickering at"
Also known as: No fun, humorless prig, Cold fish, Chilly proposition, iceberg, Snarly
Advantages: Your friends will feel sorry for you
Disadvantages: You will have no friends

WOMAN FROM MARS - "I believe this interpretive dance will explain how I feel about our relationship"
Also known as: The Babbler, Spooky Girl, Screwball, Loony, Bad News, Artistic
Advantages: Entertaining, unfathomable
Disadvantages: Will read her poetry aloud

MS. DREAMGIRL - "I am utterly content with you just the way you are, my handsome genius of a boyfriend. I think we must make love like crazed weasels now"
Also known as: Ms. Right, Goddess, Knockout, Perfection, Gorgeous
Advantages: Funny, intelligent uninhibited
Disadvantages: Will have nothing to do with you


Seriously, we’re all abit of everything, but for entertainment’s sake I’m ms Dreamgirl. Cue smiling smug. I know. Whatever.

About a few hours ago I went into the kitchen and a giant grey rat with a very long tail jumped down the kitchen counter, and chased me ferociously. It was scary man.. I was running for my life while shouting bloody murder—at 12 am. All I wanted was to drink a glass of water..

I’ve got NO idea how it got in. There’re no holes in the wall as far as I know. The hollow space under the kitchen door is about 0.25 inches or something. Another possibility is that it had climbed out the toilet drain. So, so what if it has friends?

I am so not happy. Goodnight.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Smashing Boxes

Last Friday I discovered alleged twin no. 5. According to this guy, she looks like me. I decided to check her out. And surprise surprise she looks nothing like me. I saw her face and I knew she was saying the same thing. Of course he told her about me.

Mom’s not home. I’m in charge of the house today, so I bought a bucket of KFC chicken and potato wedges, got home and yelled LET’S PARTAAY!!! To which my youngest brother look at me incredulously and muttered “uh yeah”.

“Kakak, ma wants you to help me with pendidikan seni exam.”

Which is so not party-ish. But really who can blame them

I blame school for teaching me how to think INSIDE the BOX. Do you remember those times teacher tells you No, you can’t answer it like that, you must answer it like THIS because it isn’t in the skema jawapan. Now I’m so very skema jawapan because I followed to a T and I pleased teachers, and I fit into the cookie cutter of the perfect answer.

Fast forward 5 years, I’m (forever) 21, and people start yelling in my ears, THINK OUT OF THE BOX. OUT OF THE BOX!!

I feel like smashing karate chopping the bloody box out of the way. But the box is 1 m thick and I’m tired sometimes. 12 years of being in the box makes me very good at staying inside!

One thing I swear I’m ganna do later is to let my children (bossing around other people’s children is out of the question) express themselves however they want. “Oh wow look at the blue sun! And the mutant worm that’s green, and purple! That’s so cute!!”

And if teachers punish them for having an imagination, they have ME to answer to. RAWR. I’m going to snap those pretty stilettos into two.

I dunno how much more do I have to smash, but there sure as hell won’t be a prince to kiss me out of the box so I’ll have to scrape through the imaginary cell myself.

You know what, I can think of only one reason why I’m this crappy. It is. It is the return of the horror semester at the university of Umhorror in 2 months! (Cue thunderstorm and lightning here) Yes folks, I’ll be going back there soon so be prepared to hear more bitching. Like wee! I know. Horroriffic right? Ugh. Can’t wait.

I’m going to miss the booming noise of Disney Channel when I’m trying to sleep, the screaming and shouting of my pet brothers, my mom shouting “EVERYONE GO TO BED!!”, the weekend rendezvous and practicing Wing Chun, Carmen Electra aerobic from YouTube. Sighs.

Goodbye heaven.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Types of Boyfriends


From now on, I’m going to make chill out Sunday posts. Like weekend newspapers, you know?

The picture is too tiny for your precious eyes, so I'm pasting the text below ok!

The 9 Types of Boyfriends

1. Joe Sensitive - "After I wash the dishes, let's cuddle, OK?"
Also known as: Mr. Nice Guy, Family man, Honey, Darling, Soft-boiled Egg, Snugglepup
Advantages: Well-behaved; irons own shirts
Disadvantages: Irritatingly compassionate, wimpy

2. Old Man Grumpus - "People are stupid. The world can go to hell. Let's stay home and watch TV."
Also known as: Grumbles, Sour puss, Stick-in-the-mud, Old Fogey, Slow Mover, Jerk
Advantages: Stays put; predictable
Disadvantages: Royal pain in the ass

3. Flinchy - "I--I'm sorry for whatever it was I did."
Also known as: Trembly, Creampuff, Hey you
Advantages: Jumps entertainingly when startled
Disadvantages: Easily spooked; surrenders without a struggle

4. Bigfoot - "Shut yer trap, I'm thinkin'."
Also known as: Chunk-style, Lummox, Ignoramus, Galoot, the Hulk, Big 'n' Dumb
Advantages: Can tote bales; is easily fooled
Disadvantages: Can break you in half, sweats like a pig

5. Lazybones - "Zzzzzz"
Also known as: Lucky Dog, Parasite, Bum, Sponge, Snoozebucket, Drug Addict
Advantages: Well rested; easy target
Disadvantages: Unlikely to fulfull your dreams

6. The Sneak - "Who, me?"
Also known as: Love Pirate, Snake, Rat, Slime, G-D Son of a Bitch
Advantages: May feel pangs of guilt
Disadvantages: May be having time of his life

7. Ace of Hearts - "After I wash the dishes let's make love like crazed weasels, OK?"
Also known as: The Sizzler, Handyman, Dreamboat, Casanova, Monster
Advantages: Perpetually aroused
Disadvantages: Perpetually aroused

8. The Dreamer - "Someday I'm going to be rich and famous. I don't know how, but...."
Also known as: Struggling Artist, Philosopher, Buffoon, Bag of Wind
Advantages: Tells good stories
Disadvantages: Will turn into "Old Man Grumpus"

9. Mr. Right - "While the servants wash the dishes, let's make love like crazed weasels in my new yacht, ok?"
Also known as: Mr. Perfect, Jim Dandy
Advantages: Answer to a woman's prayer
Disadvantages: Hunted to extinction

So which one is your man?


Side note: Loving this blog by Diana Rikasari. Her quirky, colorful sense of style just about made my day.

Monday, May 11, 2009

And There Was Star Trek


I wonder why some people feel they are fit enough to pass judgments on me when all they did was to look at me for 5 minutes? I was falling asleep in the surau when some makcik got in and said, “tak de keje eh? Masih ada masa nak berehat2.” Mind your own business, woman.

Today at work was pretty eventful. I played a game on Cimbclicks that give Nokia handphones to the top 5 winners. So far I’m ranked 359. Then I went to the bank, it was full, I went back. Me and friends planned to have lunch in McD. It was too hot outside so we cancelled. I went to the canteen twice to buy snacks and drinks. See? Eventful.


As for updates on my car, I’m happy with it, but I’d be ecstatic if the car doesn’t accelerate like an old lady. Luckily I’ve got heads up before buying the car, so I know.

I still can’t get over how short the car is. The car trunk is non-existent. It’s a blast getting out of tight spots. A little maneuver and I’m out.


I’m glad my hamsters aren’t procreating any further. The lengths we go through to make sure of that is almost amazing. 5 cages for 5 hamsters. It’s a zoo I tell ya. Thank god I need to clean only once every fortnight.


I watched it last Friday. Friday night Friday night. Night of freedom and celebrations. Freaking fantastic. Went into the cinema with 1% knowledge of Star Trek, no expectations and previews nor summary readings beforehand and I was blown away. Suddenly that Sylar guy is hot. And Chekov and James T. Kirk. Suddenly I feel like a Star Trek fan. Suddenly I felt like watching reruns from the 1960s original Star Trek series but of course didn’t.

Star Trek is Ah-May-Zing. Period okay. I watched it twice at the cinema in 3 days okay. Apparently everyone agrees because it’s no 1 in US now?




He was alongside Anne Hathaway in the Princess Diaries II.

justmyluckalt4nv justmyluckposter

He was in Just My Luck with Lindsay Lohan.


Smoking hot captain.

Live long and prosper.

p/s: Lack of sleep breeds aimless, random post full of enthusiastic nothings.

Friday, May 8, 2009

What I Read… in May

Stop right there.

Don’t run away. They’re just the awesomest books ever.

In fact, I didn’t write for a whole month because I was so engrossed with these 3 books. (sorta)

If you read one, might as well read all of them. It’s like Secret Recipe’s Chocolate Indulgence. One bite and you’re done for.

I choose these babies as MY book(s) of the month.

Eragon Jacket Cover eldest brisingr


Author – Christopher Paolini

Genre – Fantasy/Adventure

Main characters – Eragon & Saphira the dragon


Why should you give this series a chance?

I think I might have scared some people by showing all 3 books at once. But you know what they say, you’re only afraid of things you don’t know. Once you know, it isn’t so scary anymore.

Christopher Paolini, the author was only 15 when he wrote the first book Eragon. If that isn’t amazing enough, this book shot straight up to become number #1 New York Times Bestseller. Then they made the book into a movie. Last time I checked, Eragon was on the top 100 highest number of books ever sold. It ranked higher than the Da Vinci Code. Can you imagine?

paolini Christopher Paolini doing God knows what in the jungle.

The actual reason why I picked up this book is because the hype surrounding it is so great that I had to succumb and say, gimme that; what’s so good about it? That also explains why I’m the tallest person standing at the teenage fantasy section in MPH bookstore.  

And I’m telling you, all those trouble of going to MPH after work and having to wait out the jam was well worth it.

I think this is where I start giving out synopsis, but I’m ganna skip that and go straight to the best points and bad points of the book. However, you can click on the following links that take you to the summaries:

Eragon Summary

Eldest Summary

Brisingr Summary


The Pretties:

Characters are well-developed, likeable and believable. You feel for them as they go through challenges and grow. Other points is that it has uber fantastic storyline, uses modern, and understandable English—unlike LOTR.

I also love the fact that they enclosed a map of Alagaesia(vast territory Eragon travelled on), so I get to check a place on the map whenever they mention it; which gives a clearer picture of the journey. [OMG I’m soo bordering on geekiness right now!]

Somehow the first book makes you thirst for more, so make sure that you start with Eragon, move on to Eldest and Brisingr in that order.

Another plus being not complete yet! Another book is coming after Brisingr with an unknown title at an unknown date, but it’s existence is confirmed and Paolini’s working on it as we speak.


The Uglies:

Personally, I don’t find anything wrong with this series. I was really into the story and I was rooting for Eragon the whole time.

However, for the sake of being objective; I’ll say that this won’t be your cup of tea if you’re not really into fantasy realms/magical worlds/illogical stories. I’ve had this complain before. I don’t know what to say to that, except that stories could go as far as your imagination goes; so it’s completely your choice.


Who’s It For? People who not only could tolerate, but also love Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings and the likes. Young or old, it doesn’t matter, really.


My Rating: 8.5 out of 10 – Totally high up there.

p/s: That was fun =D

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Total Randomness

Oh wow. I just realized that I wrote only once last month?? Goes to show how fast time flies. Ah-may-zing. I’ll try to write more. Anyways April was wicked fun. I loved April!!


Bright Side of the Economy Slum


Being a Selangor person, you can’t escape the unforgiving traffic jam that’s permanently plagued the state. A typically 20 minutes drive to PJ would take 1 hours and 30 minutes during rush hours. Funny that they call it the rush hour when cars are moving as fast as the donkey with stuff on it’s back.

In my case, the donkey is my trusty fast and the furious Princess Saga (it doesn’t look ladylike but it’s mine and I named it that, so shut), which for most cases is a cool manual transmission car. What is not cool is how I might get Arthritis by 30 if I keep up driving with manual gear. And besides, I’d like to work in KL after graduating. That or abroad, my choice is only between those two.

I only complained once or maybe twice (three at most, I swear) and my mom said that I should get an auto car! The dealings went on for about 2 weeks and a week after settling the loan, they call to say my car was ready!

Btw, the Perodua sales agent—yup I got a Perodua car— who’s name is Gary was really awesome and I’d like to recommend him to anybody who wants to buy a Perodua car; he made sure I got my car one day after the down payment!! And he was also really nice to make sure the car buying team (me, dad, mom, bro) were provided with drinks everytime we were there; the same couldn’t be said for Proton when I bought Princess Saga.

Looking back, maybe he was nice because of the bad economy and couldn’t afford to lose us rocking customers. Whatever. I still think he was really nice and the service was excellent.




My new ride!!!!! Woot!!!

Moral of the story: If you need to buy stuff, buy now 'cause all shop assistants are super duperly nice compared to when the economy was fast and furious. Back then, they were known as B----- you know what. Yeah, exactly. It's Blair Waldorf. And prices/interests are so low, you could buy two. I'm serious!!

Going! Take care!
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