Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Apprentice & Nightmares

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Weekend Love!

Hi everybody, next time I’ll try not to be so boring. Because now I’m bored. So I put boring stuff. How do you get over boringness. I’m becoming one of those people who can’t live when there’s no work! As in, you know, working! I used to enjoy smelling roses but now I can’t! Hanging out feels like wasting time, and I itch to poke somebody or do some action!

What’s the matter with me??! I blame the apprentice! You’re fired!

This coming week will be my last week working; there’s just so many exciting things happening. I can’t even sleep properly at night and I get nightmares about kitchen utensils! Can you imagine how tiring that is? Then at work, the boss will be like, you look like you didn’t get enough sleep. In my head I’m like, yes if my eyebags aren’t obvious enough.

I always get myself excited and jittery by watching adrenaline rush movies at 10pm which isn’t probably a good idea. I’ll watch at 9!

Speaking of adrenaline rush, I’ve been stopping myself from shopping; hence not going anywhere near the mall for three months. Instead of saving more money, I discovered a more efficient way to shop! I just discovered how awesome online shopping is in Malaysia nowadays.

But that’s another story. Take care everybody.

p/s: Lugging around an slr is a pain. I’m ganna repair my compact camera asap! Miss those little silver boxy things.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hit Me Crossroads One More Time

Just when I thought I’m finally free, turns out I’m not. I’m talking about my career or how I make a living. Just when I thought I’m beginning to soar, someone rains on my parade, namely the parents. I thought I had a plan.

Turns out they’ve got 10 plans. For me. Faaaantastic. For now, silence is my defense. I’m only speaking to people who are impartial to me i.e. not parents.

I love working at my workplace now. The people are super duper, the bosses are funny and one of them wears toupee (fake hair) that sometimes shifts to the side and makes me itch to correct it. (I hope them don’t stumble across this or I’m dead!) and plenty of soap opera drama enough to satisfy tv3 cerekarama.

The work is often challenging and fun and I collected more than 300 business cards since I first joined; pay is …. ok. But it’s not about the money at this point. I get paid as much as a starting engineer gets paid, and more sometimes, so it’s ok.

The only problem is that I’m not sure how I can grow in this company anymore than I have now. Plus recent decisions by the boss is … well, I don’t agree with him. Feels like a lot of hard work put to waste, a lot of relationships that are going to go into the drain.


Plus now I received a job offer with pretty good prospects from the looks of it. But say bye bye to the merry office, say bye bye to funny bosses, and say bye bye to showing off mediocre IT skills (ever since I suggested installing google chrome instead of mozilla firefox, they think I’m an IT god.)

We will see how it goes.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

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