Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cleaning Up My Closet

Actually I loved that song with the same title by Eminem. Anyway, the past two days I was feeling a bit sick and I think it was food poisoning. Thanks alot whatever I ate. I dunno which one is to blame because I ate too much over the weekend. –_-

So basically I stayed home and whined alot. Yesterday I felt a bit better and decided to do some cleaning. My house has so much junk… The other day I was looking for a usb cable and I found five! I looked into one drawer and I found two webcams, 3 mouse, one earphone, tv cables and God knows how many cds we’ve got, it’s like the infestation of rodents except these are….. er… cables and mouse?

That’s why I started putting them up on Ebay going very cheap. Remember this? Also since we upgraded to UNIFI, we’ve got no more use of the wireless broadband modem and I sold that too. Both in marvelous condition btw.

I’ve got my mom’s watch, a Raymond Weil, and I’m thinking of selling that off too.

This afternoon my mom caught me holding a batik sarong. She asked me whether I was using that for praying. I said no lah ma, I wanna put this on Ebay. My mom flipped. I was like, but why? We bought this for 15 ringgit! I’m ganna sell it overseas for more! Mom’s ears were smoking by the time I said that. Turns out that was the sarong my opah gave to us for sedekah. How was I to remember? That was 2 years ago and they magically appear in my wardrobe.

Epic fail.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Money Makes The WOrld Go Round

I haven’t been writing for such a long time and I feel so out of tune.

Before I go any further, updates first! My to-do list is a mile long but unfortunately I’m getting better and better at procrastination. When I resigned one month ago (gasp that long already?!) I thought I was going to get lots of things done. I did for awhile, but has anyone ever told you that working alone is hard???? I’m so used to the moral support in the office and how kiasu everyone is at getting things done. It just rubs on you, ya know?

I force myself to stay home and do work but seriously, how can you get things done when you hear Piers Morgan questioning Jimmy Fallon on tv (my mom watches that talk show almost every morning) or Tweet deck chirping a new message? (Follow me on twitter!)

I mean seriously people. Plus when things head south, there’s no one to say, “don’t worry, we’ll solve this together! You’re doing a great job!!!” (Heart my ex boss)

So now I’m trying to be self-employed while waiting to start work at a new company and I just found out that I might start only in August. This is kind of bad but kinda good too, whichever way you look at it. If I can just discipline myself to get work done, bam bam bam then it’s good.

Anyway that’s it for updates. I’ve got other big news as well but that’s in a different post.

On to the title of this post. Do you ever wonder why do you work? Well, obviously it’s because you LOOOVE it, right? And oh yeah, there’s the money that comes with it too. Yea…


On my first job, I started off with genuine intentions of gaining experience, but at the sight of the first paycheck, you kind of open the window abit; on the second paycheck, you just throw that intention out the window.

But honestly I don’t want money to rule me, so I decided to spend as little as possible, hence from January-March, besides going to work, I just basically stayed home because I was afraid that I would spend outside –_-

There’s a saying that goes, the secret to having lots of money is by not spending like the rich. Of course people argue that when you’re rich, you can afford to spend like a rich person.

If I had loads of money aka rich, (amount can be subjective)I would probably buy one kick a** bmw 4wheel drive. And I’ll make a house on that awesome plot of land. Maybe another in Queenstown.

Then I will go for valet parking everytime I shop. I will do all of this if I can afford in cash (which means that I must be a gazillionaire). Because there’s another saying that goes, you must not spend what you don’t have. Meaning, no bank overdrafts, no credit, no loans. I don’t think this is meant to work for poor people like me, it’s called wistful thinking for the unemployed.

Having money for me simplifies life, it’s like having a smart tag during the worst traffic jam of life. It’s like having enough money to board the ark when the world is doomed (please watch movie 2012 to understand what I’m saying. As a hint, they charged 1billion euro per head). It’s not about having a walk-in closet just for shoes (It’ll be nice, though). Or being able to flaunt that bright yellow Lamborghini in everyones faces (drool).

I don’t know. Money means lots of things to lots of people. I’d be happy to travel anywhere I wanna go, anytime I want and by any means. Now that is the awesomest.

Catch you guys later. Lots of <3

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