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Monday, April 28, 2014

April Recap In Pictures



Life is crazy. My hands are full juggling everything. I think I grew another hand just to accommodate! Alhamdulillah my life is full, blessed. Sometimes I fear I let everything slip by. One month is seriously so so short.

But.. we managed to sneak in a short weekend getaway to Cameron Highlands! We’ve been here three times in two years so that’s saying something. When we arrived it was cool and raining. Major love. It’s our first getaway as a family and Naila was sooo easy to travel with.




Also, we finally got help! Bhea is a LIFESAVER. I was getting really overwhelmed with my work, Naila, housework; and so started advertising for an extra pair of hands literally. She’s Naila’s new weekday nanny and my part-time housekeeper!


Yeap we love her!


Mom said Naila has too little toys so I went and get her Joey the jiggling elephant!! And I got her a bumbo seat with tray just in time to start EATING.


Favorite thing to do in April. She started blowing bubbles in March and never stopped since!

kitchen area

We have been working on our apartment since December, and finally we put it up for short rental this month!!


That’s it for now folks! I’ll check in soon. Definitely in May.

Take care xoxo.

Monday, March 31, 2014

5 Months? What?!


Just dropping by for a little update. I decided that I missed blogging suddenly in the middle of ‘Vampire Diaries’ when Elena started burning pages of her diary. Lol.

It’s been overwhelming and new, this motherhood thing. I love it. Before I had Naila, my life was contently busy and me & hubs had a certain routine going for us. However, now it’s a totally new life! I KNEW life was going to change. I didn’t know it was going to change like this!

Anyway, she turned five months on the 22th March. My 5 months old little doll. And cranky has a new name because she’s teething!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Do For A Living

If you see birds chirping and post is not updated means that I’ve gotten quite occupied with work. I’d like to share lots of things but just don’t have the time or rather the ‘reflective-sit quietly by the window-blog for hours’ mood. Plus my laptop is really getting on my nerves, shutting down at random times what not. It’s almost 4 years old and begging to be put out of misery.

Ever since I got out of uni, I never spoke of ‘work’ on the blog and I don’t discuss it much. Simply because it’s quite complicated and I’ve always thought of myself as not working, yet, but rather still looking for the right direction. But of course, I was employed and was really good at it if I may say so myself. Most people have a vague idea of what I do. Some think I sell houses, some think I travel lots for work, some think I run a restaurant.

Suffice to say that I now work from home. Kinda.

And since my husband will be away for 2 months (sobs!), it’s time to get the apartment sorted out.

Can you just look at some of these home offices? Drool.

 so cute office

Love the monthly wall calendar and notice boards. And the color!


Pure minimalism.

Love the concept, but must tone down the flowers or the husband will get panicky and scared.


I’ve got tons of stuff. More like the last picture above. So realistically speaking, I’m trying to get things as organized as it can be without actually scrimping on style.

I’ll be working on the apartment until end of December, so hopefully it looks more like a home by then, rather than a nest or a play jungle for Chanel.


On an end note, these DIY stationery holders are so cute. I’m ganna do this for mine, and the makeup brushes!

Till next time.

Friday, July 27, 2012

An Afternoon With The Cat


First off, yes, I fooled around with the banner again and this time I hope to keep it for at least till the end of the year.

So when we finally break it to our families that we got ourselves a cat, most reacted with a ‘why suddenly a cat’? When actually, what they were saying is, “a baby should come first, not a cat!”.

Instead of giving the long winded explanation, we have an easy answer to that: we’re family planning for fun and success.


After a few days of getting the double tier cage, I decided to revamp the drab-looking cage. And because we leave her outside on the balcony at night, we originally used a drab-looking plastic sheet to cover the cage.

I was in Tesco when the idea struck. I bought some corrugated plastic board, not even knowing whether it would fit the cage. I was going for the polished Ikea look.

I got back home, punctured holes into the boards and joined it to form a sleek cover. And they fit like a glove!

cage cover

cute cat

The cat obviously loves it and tried to tear the whole thing apart.

cat cage 3 tiers

We also did some interior designing in the cage. We went especially to Ace Hardware to get those rubber mats. Made in Germany, no joke. 2 weeks after rigorous usage (scratching, pee, poo, clawing), I’m happy to confirm that they are still looking good. Well done Germany!

cat cage mat

cat cage

She loves it…

climbing cat

..too much.

cat on cage

cat too cute

too cute cat

She has tried this a thousand times.

cat bite string

On the other side as well.


I’m ending this post with a crazy-eyed Chanel seconds before she makes an epic jump on the sliding door and coming down with awful screeching noises.

Till then!

p/s: I can no longer take the brand Chanel seriously anymore because it has my cat’s name.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Assassin Housemaker

My shopping list used to be:
1. Sephora brush
2. *Gasp* fashionvalet has pretty new arrivals
3. Iphone cover (wish I could get two!)
4. Sephora (I forgot to get the bronzer)
5. Zara (Girl needs new clothes to work)

Nowadays, its:-
1. Dutch Lady fresh milk or Goodday (how I wish I could afford the australian fresh milk)
2. Organic brown sugar
3. Prego
4. Wire extension (Sighs third one still not enough)
5. parmesan cheese. mozarella cheese. cheddar cheese. ricotta cheese. cream cheese? whaa? so many types of cheese? cheese heaveenn
6. Beras pusa Basmathi Kashmir. #likeaboss

So basically I’m a foodie now. Just kidding. But really.

You know what? Honestly sometimes I feel like I’m leading a double life. Like an assassin one half, and a housewife one half. I’m not really the housemaker type, but I bake and cook stuff. One day, husband got back from work, and I was like, ta-da!! A beautiful bread pudding for you!!

At the back of my mind, I was like wth?! Since when did I become an expert on desserts? Annnnnnddd, I was at my aunt’s house one day, checking out how to make stew! B---dy h---!

Ok well maybe I’m overreacting, because husband appreciates the fact that I suddenly became a foodie, and my mom suddenly wants to come to our house to try my food.

On the other hand, I still buff up before meeting someone for work. I’m so dead serious about my work, and people often say that I’m 24 going on 30. Often times I feel like an assassin.




I think I just need a chill pill.
Everybody who’s reading, I love you all.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cleaning Up My Closet

Actually I loved that song with the same title by Eminem. Anyway, the past two days I was feeling a bit sick and I think it was food poisoning. Thanks alot whatever I ate. I dunno which one is to blame because I ate too much over the weekend. –_-

So basically I stayed home and whined alot. Yesterday I felt a bit better and decided to do some cleaning. My house has so much junk… The other day I was looking for a usb cable and I found five! I looked into one drawer and I found two webcams, 3 mouse, one earphone, tv cables and God knows how many cds we’ve got, it’s like the infestation of rodents except these are….. er… cables and mouse?

That’s why I started putting them up on Ebay going very cheap. Remember this? Also since we upgraded to UNIFI, we’ve got no more use of the wireless broadband modem and I sold that too. Both in marvelous condition btw.

I’ve got my mom’s watch, a Raymond Weil, and I’m thinking of selling that off too.

This afternoon my mom caught me holding a batik sarong. She asked me whether I was using that for praying. I said no lah ma, I wanna put this on Ebay. My mom flipped. I was like, but why? We bought this for 15 ringgit! I’m ganna sell it overseas for more! Mom’s ears were smoking by the time I said that. Turns out that was the sarong my opah gave to us for sedekah. How was I to remember? That was 2 years ago and they magically appear in my wardrobe.

Epic fail.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sounds Like Taboo

It’s Wednesday night. Me and family perched in front of the tv after dinner together. We were watching history channel. Sounds perfectly natural right? We have this habit of watching the Universe series together.

I love it, my brothers love it, my dad loves it, and my mom, not wanting to be left out usually joins us but happily doing so from the side while reading magazines. It’s like the only thing on tv that doesn’t cause a remote war between my brothers, or an eye roll from me, or a resoundingly authoritive “no” from dad.

Instead we sit together like happy bunnies for the one hour show. A basket of laundry to fold and seated happily, waiting. Then “The Universe” flashes on screen. I was like YAY. LOL. It was gay but whatever. Then the title continued :Sex in space.

I stopped folding the tshirt, and my 20 year old brother gave an audible hah? with gleaming interest in his eyes. The rest just kept quiet and pretended the tv didn’t say that.

So how does one deal with awkward situations (and disappointing ones given that I was looking forward to this show) involving something as unspeakable as that. What do you do when all of a sudden flashed an explicit topic on screen that’s practically taboo in your family, as if inviting you to discuss it with your family like a forum competition??

What I did was to pick up my laundry basket and said “I’m out of here”. I honestly can’t watch anything that topic with my parents and my little brother around. No matter how academic or scientific it is. It’s just weird and I’d pray for the earthquake or thunderstorm.

So maybe some people could sit through the entire thing with ease and with their parents and 11 year old brother but I’d rather do a drunken drag queen impersonation in front of the class than watch that with the family.

Seems like dad changed the channel. My mom back in the kitchen and brothers doing their thing. So much for family tv time. I’m just going to wait for the next episode. Back to desperate housewives. Alone. Ehem.

Till then, take care!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Days My Shampoo was Called Johnson’s Baby Shampoo

I dunno about you but getting sick makes me nostalgic. In the afternoon, I went out with 3 things on my shopping list: a cough syrup, a Johnson’s baby shampoo and magazines.

First I went to Carrefour, looked around like I usually do then went to the children’s aisle. I browsed the entire Johnson’s line and remembered those times when I used to stare at them in my bathroom at the age of 5. It felt weird picking the shampoo up, because I remember the smell and how my mom told me to look up so that shampoo doesn’t get into my eyes.

Carrefour didn’t have a pharmacy unfortunately. I checked out with only two stuffs, waiting behind a white lady who had a truckload of stuff like papers and sauces.

I went to 7 Eleven to pick up my mag and went to the pharmacy to get a cough syrup.

Tonight, after finding out the cough syrup didn’t work, I went to the doctor’s with my brother (cos I lost my glasses and couldn’t see a speck).

On the way, we stopped the indian bread motor guy(I’m not being racist, but over the years it’s always been the indian bread motor guy, never chinese motor guy or malay motor guy) and bought two plastics of kiddy junk food that we once salivate upon as 7 year olds.

At the clinic, the wait was fairly quick. I went in and brother wanted to tag along. After a thorough self-description of my illness to the doctor, he prescribed some meds. Suddenly out of nowhere he asked, “who’s this? Your husband?” all the while pointing to my brother.

I’m like WTF? I look old? That was the first thought that came to my mind. I took a look at my brother and with his super dense beard and moustache rivaling Gengkhis Khan’s I’m pretty sure it is him that looks 30. Damn. He makes me look old.

I don’t like looking too young, but I hate looking old. Who doesn’t right? Right?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shop. Till. You. Drop.

When I'm feeling really really uninspired, I usually do 3 things:

Shop, go somewhere, or hang out with people who talk nonstop.

I really wanted to do something, but couldn't and I don't know how, so I got kinda frustrated and down. Then my mom announce that we're going to do some shopping today and I got all excited.

At the end of the day, I ended up doing all three things and I can't even begin to tell you how high I was.

I could shop for anything. You name it, clothes, make-up, scarves, toiletries, toys, carpets, furniture, jewelery, books, shoes, handbags, anything. I salivate hearing 3 magic words -- "Let's. go. shopping."

I'm satisfied enough being the shopping assistant without shopping myself, as long as something new is obtained. I'm the very definition of a shopaholic and I don't wanna be cured.

After a round of shopping extravaganza in the morning, me and mom-ster headed to Toys'r'us to pick up something for my youngest bro who's about to turn 11. I got so chuffed and headed towards the action figures. I knew in my bones that my bro would bow to me for buying him a batman figurine.

Apparently, mom gets spooked by the figurine, as any other tall, dark, caped thing does--so in the end we opted for a red darth vader lightsaber, after failing to convince mom into buying a 20 bullet toy gun. It doesn't matter, more star points for my Toysrus membership card!

As for supercool finds this month:

  1. Qirani t-shirts
  2. Body Shop make-up brushes
  3. Esprit outlet in Alamanda, Putrajaya (old news, still)
  4. Levi's outlet in Metro Kajang ( eventhough place is cringey, still worth it)
  5. Primavera shoes ( for some reason they're getting cheaper for same quality)

I'll elaborate later. That's it. Till next time!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I’m Off to Barren Land, Again

Status: At home for the weekend.

I’m getting the tiniest bit obsessive over some things right now. For example: Arzu hijabs, eating meat, and list of things to do before I’m 25.

I’m always coming out with this kinda lists, but never follow up on them which is really bad. I still have the list at the back of my mind, and try to check items off the list but I’m not doing it consistently. Get what I mean?

Currently no.1 on the list: To be more toned. So far it’s working great. I look like I lost weight, but the weighing scale shows the same weight—so that means I’m gaining muscular weight and losing the fat. I THINK.

Another 8 months to go before graduating. Time FLIES. I’m not kidding.

I’ve already packed my bags. Going back to youteepay. Ganna be soooooooo much fuunnnn. Looking forward to the power supply and water cut-offs!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baju Kurung And Fireworks

I dunno where to start. JUst chuffed from all the Raya eating. Lemang ketupat lemang ketupat kueh mueh. My appetite is FULFILLED EVERYDAY. That's what I lOVE so much about the holidays and raya.

I kinda abandoned this blog for a loong time. I should've posted a big fat HIATUS and be done with it but I keep thinking that I'll write today, then today becomes tomorrow, which becomes one month after. SOO sorry bout that. The nasty college load kept me off blogging for a while.

I couldn't think of anything nice to say. If I had blogged one week ago, It'll be something like this:

"The lecturer today is a b****. She gave us MORE WORK. As if we weren't drowning in books already." But that's just hypothetically speaking. IF I blogged. But I didnt. So we're safe and I still manage to keep this blog G-rating (FOR GENERAL VIEWING).

In the spirit of RAYA, I’m showing my 4th day Baju Raya. Second and third day baju consisted of faded denim and Ipanema slipers.



Hope it’s not too late.



HALALKAN MAKAN DAN MINUM JUGA. (I dunno how to put this in english –_-)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back to Campus


Just a short post by someone who’s about to be toast,

or roast under the hot sun at a place known as Tronoh.

I got my sunblock packed, my clothes in my backpack and also my snacks.

Hold my head up high just one more year, I’m a senior. Better get used to it while I’m down here.

Screw this. I’m posting pictures. Enjoy.




Dad got this as a freebie for attending some function. Naturally, I pounce on it the moment I saw the thing. I love freebies. Hee.


My Compaq CQ20 and the new laptop bag!

I decided that instead of buying a brand-new bag which costs around RM 250, (and yea I was ready to splurge, I worked hard for it) I scoured the second hand market and found just what I needed, for RM50.

Lately I’ve been an avid bargain hunter. Guess I’ve learned the value of money.

DSC00419 DSC00421 DSC00420

Inside new laptop bag, unfinished scrapbook, unfolded clothing.


I’m ganna miss you room full of loveable junks.


I’m ganna miss you, bed; and quality sleep.

FYI, I’m going to be a senior this semester. I just finished my 8 months internship and now going back to college. Truthfully I’ve no idea how to manage 4th year studies after abandoning academic books for 8 months. God help us all.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cute Laptop Bags, People

Hi, happy weekend peeps. First of all, please do add me on twitter because what better way to stalk me! I dunno, these days its pretty much easy to stalk on people with the internet and everything.

The other day I stalked on my company’s ex-managing director. Yeah. Because I got nothing better to do. So I typed in his name (SHH it’s a secret) and googled it and turns out he has a facebook account and I added him. Till this day, my request is still being ignored.

You know I feel that the air now is polluted that sometimes I get choked by imaginary very dirty air. What with the forest burning, AH1N1, the greenhouse effect, the car exhaust smoke, I mean are you kidding me? Who hasn’t gotten sick? Are you superman? Captain America? Mr Fantastic? Mrs Fantastic?? –_-!

I’ve been coughing for one week now and I swear everytime I sneak a little cough in the bookstore or at work, people just move an inch away from me; as if I don’t notice it. Oh I NOTICE. I don’t have Hinie people, get over it. That’s me and my friends’ nickname for the infamous flu virus ‘cos it sounds cuter that way. Put on your masks if you get paranoid like me. But do ignore the stares. They just haven’t realized that we live breathing in air with viruses!

I apologize for the long winded opening. Just wanted to update update update. So I’ve been scouring the internet for cute laptop bags (because in real-life they aren’t as colorful. But they do exist) and I came across sO many gorgeous ones that I have to share!

One of my first finds is by Gin & Jacqie called Candy Stripe Paul.


This bag is more like a laptop cover than a bag actually. If you need to put your laptop into a case before putting it in your bag, then this is the perfect one! They’ve got 3 colors, but this one is my favorite because the color reminds me of candy and all things fun. There’s 2 sizes which is the 15” (RM 49.90) and 13” (RM 42.00) inches for your different sized laptops. Don’t tell me they’re expensive because really, what’s not these days? Which one do you prize more—quality or price. I’d say it’s worth it. Wait till you see the prices of the other bags. Muahaha.

Another one is called Stylish Carrie and this one costs RM 229.00 and it is in fact, a real bag.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         What I like about this is that it has a big space for the laptop wires, plus stationeries, handphone, books and other junks we might wanna carry. I think we can even fit in a little teddy bear inside, you know, if that’s your cup of tea.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Look at how spacious this is!!


Another Stylish Carrie variation.

As if these bags aren’t gorgeous enough, I had to go and dig deeper into laptop bag heaven and I’m glad I did, because I found the beautiful collection of Charis Asher.

The Charis Asher collection looks very sturdy and elegant. I said ‘looks’ because I’ve never seen it in front of me, nor have I touch it. I’m really relying on my sight, reviews and gut instinct here.


Enigma series, RM 279 (Too gorgeous I wanna die!!)


Enigma series, RM 244


“The Fashionista” Spring Personality Series, RM 244

too gorgeous

Venetian, RM 314 (Another one to die for!!!)


Ochre, RM 279


Orange-be fun, RM 279 (Cry!!!)


Strawberry-be sweet, RM 244


Longan-be unique, RM 279

The collection knocked me off my feet. Seriously. I have an idea of which one I’m ganna get myself, but I’m not telling. Just wait and see!

I just wanna thank the kind, creative and CLEVER people out there who designed gorgeous laptop bags that makes up for the laptop heaviness and that I don’t have to lug around a big bad black nylon sack and really makes me look forward to get that laptop to replace my beloved big-screen desktop!!!!!!

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