Friday, May 4, 2012

Weekend Getaway: Terengganu


Before attempting to do a weekend getaway to Terengganu aka 2 days only holiday, please get enough sleep because you definitely won’t sleep in Terengganu!!


I fell in love with Terengganu mainland. Couple of years ago, I went to one of its island but didn’t get to enjoy their coastline. By the way, Terengganu coastline is soo long and the drive from Kemaman towards Kuala Terengganu is just DIVINE and scenic.

So I was complaining that there’s no highway and stuff but the scenery pretty much makes up for the small road.

The main reason for going to Terengganu was to celebrate my close friend, Amalina’s wedding! I’m so happy for them. Everybody deserves to marry the person they WANT.



We slept at Intan Beach Resort right by the beach. (obvious much –.-)Nothing much to say about it. Clean, good air conditioning. Only peeve was the smelly water. I don’t know.. it smells like.. rust? But for RM89, rust water is worth it. Kidding ok. But you have to admit that it’s easy on your pockets.


The following day, we tried the popular Mak Yah’s keropok lekor and we were disappointed. I remember coming here a couple of years ago and packing hundreds of keropok lekor to bring home. Now what’s left of the divine taste is “abysmal” (Any Joey Tribbiani fans here?).


We were hungry so we ate a lot anyway. We added a second serving. For breakfast. We rule.


Then we found out about this place--Keropok Lekor Btb 2209. This is better than Mak Yah keropok lekor. Waaay better. For keropok lekor rebus, you’d have to phone in and order a few days in advance or suffer the wait of 1-2 hours.


Then we went to Pasar Payang which has lots of batiks, songkets, and other wonderful things that’s cheap (relatively to KL). Please “bersopan santun menggunakan tangga”. Aduhai everyone went down with fans and kain batik, jalan kepit kepit. In my head.


Tortoise eggs!


Along the way back, we stopped at Rantau Abang. If it wasn’t for the hot sun, both of us would be in the water swimming instead of taking this picture.


So that’s it for our short trip! Love ya Terengganu. We’ll be back. Astalavista baby.

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