Monday, July 12, 2010

Pulau Pangkor

I finished writing this post, when suddenly the laptop crashed and deleted EVERYTHING. So to recap my trip in short: the plan was a simple 2 days 1 night stay, filled with activities from day to night. At the end of it all, felt more like a one week stay.

This holiday was a 5 star holiday just because beautiful things keep cropping up during our stay. The sunset at 7.30 pm was GORGEOUS. It was the right time of the year to visit Pangkor. Water has never been that clear. A very long rainbow greeted us in the morning. Plus, the special treatment given to us because it was off-peak season. Can you say private island?! AAAAAhh love love love.

Highlights of holiday not in picture: Watching world cup together in hotel room, searching for night cab, war with monkey, afternoon swim in the pool, disastrous volleyball, the 4 round banana boat ride, floating in the sea watching sunset!

IMG_7668edited-pola 374y2edited-pola IMG_7621-pola IMG_7617-pola IMG_7718edited-pola P1030471edited-pola

More on Pangkor from Intan here.

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