Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thursday Thoughts: Point of Motherhood


The other day me and my friend got talking about how things have changed in our lives. We’ve known each other for 9 years and have been through all the stages… the fun uni times, the stressful exams and projects, the ‘boyfriend’ drama, the first job drama, getting engaged, married life and finally motherhood.

Motherhood is unlike other stages, you go into motherhood like submerging yourself in water; fully and whole and there’s no turning back ever. Truthfully you’ll go into shock in the beginning but I’m not sure I’ve even recovered.

Anyway we promised each other to always be fun even though we have kids. I might barf at that now like it’s the most ridiculous thing that’s not possible. We promised to meet every other week and play tennis. Okay, double barf. And to leave the children with the husband to hang out sometimes. Triple barf.

I also naively promised myself not to change after having children. There are some things that might have semblance to my past life, I mean like still brushing teeth and taking a bath. Other than that, you know, I’m hanging on. I decided while I was pregnant that I would like to sort of take a year off my work and because of the nature of my work, I’m ‘sort of’ able to be a stay-at-home-mom while working. I thought it’ll be a pretty slow and enjoyable year. Boy am I wrong.

How do I describe my day? Wow it’s pretty complicated actually. To an outsider I look like I’m doing nothing the whole day. Even when hubs asked about my day, I have a hard time to explain.

The conversation:

Hubs: How was your day?

Me: *Cricket sounds* Yeah it was okay. I’m alive, I ate, I’m healthy. Naila’s happy. I’m grateful.

I used to launch into a 20 minutes monologue, you know, telling hubs how during bathtime Naila loved it but cried when I try putting on the diaper, then she looked at Chanel, she screams a lot. She bites her hands, I think she’s teething. Owh you know she made a big mess and I had to clean it up and I’m so tired. She made a mess when I was feeding her, the mess is still there, I’m sorry if the house looks like a dumpsite when you come back. She cries when I leave her, my milk is not enough! She also tore the peekaboo owl page, I’m so tired, but she doesn’t wanna nap yet! Bla bla bla.

You get the gist.


After a while, I felt it was pointless to describe. Because in a work setting, these things are called ‘petty’. Not the ‘bottom line’ or goal.

Then I tried to think about what was the bottom line of this whole mommyhood fiasco. I call it fiasco because honestly it feels like one. Like a mess. Why is mommyhood so hard?

I looked forward to when Naila is one year old, but this isn’t the long tern goal. Then I realize that it’s when Naila is ready to have her own life. To be able to make wise decisions by herself. Frankly speaking I’m looking at a 23 year project in the making. So everything that I’m doing is simply setting the stage to help her become the best human being and Allah’s servant :-)

Then I felt at peace.


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Look Fab with Running Shoes


I must admit, when it comes to footwear, at most I can boast about having one row of black leather shoes. Maybe some crocs mary janes in between. Yup. That’s me. When my hubs actually took me to shop for shoes, I’ll be the one like, OH YEAH and headed straight for the monochrome section. More so now that I’m a mom and monochrome is the easiest to match outfits! You know how Steve Jobs has hundreds of the same black sweater? I’m like that with shoes.

But there’s an exception. When it comes to sports shoes, I go wild! My pick is always running shoes because they’re so versatile. You know how sports wear can be a bit drab? I thought, why not spice up the whole outfit with fabulous running shoes?

How do you choose a good running shoe?

1. Must be COMFORTABLE. Exercise is no walk in the park I tell you. (No pun intended!)

2. Choose the correct size

3. Matches your personality

Some girls might prefer a pink colored running shoe…


while others might adore another colour.


However, do not wear a running shoe too tight or loose as it could cause an aggravated problem.

One of the problems caused by wearing a shoe smaller than your foot size are blisters. The painful blisters are formed with the frequent friction of a rough spot from the shoe to sensitive areas of your foot. For example, the part normally forms blisters are the back of your feet. Once you have the blisters, it would be very hard for you to walk. The pain just isn’t worth it.

I walk a lot but the ladies and men who participate in marathon events will surely acknowledge that a good comfortable pair of running shoes is what contributes to the confidence of the wearer. Well, even running in the park needs a really good pair of shoes!


Sublime Lime.

A person’s energy level may quickly decrease if the shoe for running does not provide comfort and support. The lack of support will bring feet and ankle pain. This is because long distance walking and running adds pressure to our tired feet especially if the shoe has thin padding.

Due to the same reason, you will experience heel pain which is the inflammation of your heel and sometimes your whole foot sole. The inflammation is mainly caused when you haven’t been active for quite some time or a dramatic increase in your physical activity routine.

Take it down a notch and do not put pressure on your feet especially when you are slowly starting to be active. Rest them well and follow your own pace when exercising.

It’s also important to change your running shoes after a while, because believe it or not, shoes have mileage in them. And like a car with high mileage, sometimes it’s time to say bye bye and change to a new one.

Soo the big question is, where do I find these fabulous running shoes? Your answer is Zalora. I’m sure you’ve heard of Zalora. They’re everywhere! Try and have a look at Zalora website as they provide a wide range of running shoes suitable for both men and women. They have local and international brands made available so you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

My personal favorite?



Purplicious they say.

Take care and happy shopping at Zalora!


-This is a sponsored post-

-All shoe photos are taken off the Zalora website-

Friday, June 6, 2014

Family-friendly Parks in KL

Me and hubs love walking and occasionally trekking. Before we had Naila, we already had a momentum going with the park visits. The first few months after baby, we were just trying to get the hang of the new ‘normal’. Every outing is a big event and requires a minimum of two manpower, so we never really thought of resuming the park outings.

Then the time came when Naila got just a little bit bigger and a bit easier to manage. There was the time when my parents went to the park and it sounded nice and we went. Never stopped since then.

Post-baby is a little bit different though. There’s the stroller, the heat and other things you gotta think about. So here’s my personal review on the parks around KL!

Taman Tasik Titiwangsa

This was the first park we took Naila to, and it’s really nice (partly because I myself have nice memories running wild as a kid in this same park). It’s stroller friendly, with wide lanes to maneuver. When it gets too hot, there’s shade everywhere. Also this is the park to try out a lot of things, like kayaking, tennis, badminton, in line skating. At one time there was a Zorb ball. This park has the most kids running around so I would say this is the most fun park for families with children. Babies have a lot to see. Not forgetting to mention there’s a cafĂ© too.


Baby friendly rating: 8/10 (points deducted for noise and heat)

Kid friendly rating: 10/10

Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM)

Our favorite spot on weekend mornings pre-baby. So how does it fare post-baby? The walkways are decidedly small, but we manage to make a big round with our stroller without any problems. We haven’t tried hiking with the baby yet—that’s a whole different planet to consider. It feels humid but we’ve always loved the natural shade provided by the canopy of trees. Once we got here at 10AM when the sun was already high, but inside FRIM it felt like 7AM! This park has a totally different vibe from Tasik Titiwangsa. You’ll see bicycle enthusiasts in full gear zooming past, going up the jungle tracks; people jogging lost in their mp3 players. There aren’t that many children, must less activities because they cater more towards the hikers. But we love the natural jungle setting.


Baby friendly rating: 9/10 (walkway could be a bit wider)

Kid friendly rating: 6/10 (could be more, depending on what you expect of a park)

Taman Botani Putrajaya


We heard soo much about this place prior to going there ourselves. One thing people always mention about Taman Botani is their bike ride. Sadly that’s the one thing we can’t do yet with baby.

We loved the wide walkways that are wide enough for bikes AND for joggers and walkers and strollers. There are shady trees, really good spots for photos and an eatery. We’ll definitely be back.


Baby friendly rating: 9/10

Kid friendly rating: 9/10 (run wildly, cycle wildly)

Taman Wetland Putrajaya



Wetland is a little bit hit and miss. I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s that time of the year or maybe it’s just the rainy season. Maybe it’s the landscape. Pros: wide walkways like Taman Botani, information centre. Cons: SO much mosquitoes. Poor baby was swarmed by mosquitos, the horror. Otherwise it’s a nice recreation place. I’m not sure if we’ll be back though, because Taman Botani is just 5 minutes away.

Baby friendly rating: 5/10

Kid friendly rating: 9/10 (run wildly, cycle wildly)

Do you love hanging out at the park? Do you take baby? What are the preparations that you do before heading out? Surprising necessity is actually an insect repellant!

Till next time.

Monday, April 28, 2014

April Recap In Pictures



Life is crazy. My hands are full juggling everything. I think I grew another hand just to accommodate! Alhamdulillah my life is full, blessed. Sometimes I fear I let everything slip by. One month is seriously so so short.

But.. we managed to sneak in a short weekend getaway to Cameron Highlands! We’ve been here three times in two years so that’s saying something. When we arrived it was cool and raining. Major love. It’s our first getaway as a family and Naila was sooo easy to travel with.




Also, we finally got help! Bhea is a LIFESAVER. I was getting really overwhelmed with my work, Naila, housework; and so started advertising for an extra pair of hands literally. She’s Naila’s new weekday nanny and my part-time housekeeper!


Yeap we love her!


Mom said Naila has too little toys so I went and get her Joey the jiggling elephant!! And I got her a bumbo seat with tray just in time to start EATING.


Favorite thing to do in April. She started blowing bubbles in March and never stopped since!

kitchen area

We have been working on our apartment since December, and finally we put it up for short rental this month!!


That’s it for now folks! I’ll check in soon. Definitely in May.

Take care xoxo.

Monday, March 31, 2014

5 Months? What?!


Just dropping by for a little update. I decided that I missed blogging suddenly in the middle of ‘Vampire Diaries’ when Elena started burning pages of her diary. Lol.

It’s been overwhelming and new, this motherhood thing. I love it. Before I had Naila, my life was contently busy and me & hubs had a certain routine going for us. However, now it’s a totally new life! I KNEW life was going to change. I didn’t know it was going to change like this!

Anyway, she turned five months on the 22th March. My 5 months old little doll. And cranky has a new name because she’s teething!

Friday, January 10, 2014

The Melayu Asian Confinement

baby n me!

You don’t know what confinement means until you’re really confined for 43 days! Not being allowed to walk up and down the stairs! Not allowed out of the house! Don’t wear pants! Don’t eat heaty food! Don’t eat windy food!

My favorites are

1. Eating ginger everyday. Chinese tradition.

2. Wearing belly binders/bengkung. Malay tradition.

3. Only drink warm water. Malay/chinese tradition.

4. Post-partum massage. Malay tradition.

5. Sleep when baby sleeps. Universal tradition.

Funny thing is, some of the confinement practices actually clashes with each other. In the beginning I was trying to follow everything, then suddenly nothing makes sense.

For all the preparation that went into giving birth, I could’ve done some preparation for postpartum confinement yes? Wrong. didn’t do any. I simply take it day by day.

What I didn’t agree with

1. Wearing socks all the time (Nanti urat kembang). I’ve really no comment on this. Wearing socks all the time in this humid KL weather actually gave me athlete’s foot! So I stopped pronto.

2. Wearing tight hair bun high on the head (Nanti boleh meroyan.) I was wondering what meroyan was for quite a while. Sounded like food, but in fact it is used to describe post partum depression in its worst form. Wearing hair in a bun does not help with meroyan. Extra rest and sleep does.

3. Bengkung 24 hours (I tried this, felt suffocated)

4. Putting limau+kapur on stomach before binding with bengkung. Well the basis of it is that, it supposedly helps your belly/uterus shrink. When in fact, your uterus will eventually shrink to its normal size within 6 weeks. Belly pouch on the other hand, is the consequence of stretched skin+muscles which can only be fixed with proper exercise, and diet. So no thanks.. I use olive oil + virgin coconut oil to fix my stretch marks instead.

5. Limiting fluid intake. Our body survives on water longer than it does on food. Our body is 60% water. Every function needs water. Making milk for baby needs water. Enough said.

6. Jamu/postnatal herbs/postnatal care sets. This is very subjective. You either like it or not. You can choose to spend RM 300++ on a set that gives you virgin coconut oil, some herbal soap, some herbal supplement that claims to help shrink the uterus, a bengkung, all wrapped up in a nice box. It’ll make you smell like a spa for a couple of days/weeks depending on how diligent you are about using it. I decided in the last minute not to get it.

Anyway, for me, I think the best thing to do is to try to get a LOT of rest post delivery. The first two weeks felt like a zombie daze. I probably looked like a zombie anyways. Felt sore and a little bit miserable from the lack of sleep. Probably had some bouts of postnatal depression.

However, as with everything, that too shall pass.

And pass it did. Of course when you hit the one month mark, you’ll be like, did I really gave birth 30 days ago? Why is my baby so precious? Yeah the mommy love hormones kick in big time. It’s all worth it in the end. 

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