Friday, June 10, 2016

Boba Carrier Review (2 Years Usage)

This review is sooo long overdue but here goes… I bought the Boba Carrier in 2013 at a baby fair so mine’s the 3G version. Started using it when Naila was 4 months old eventhough we bought it before she was born. I joined the babywearer’s FB group shortly after.. and found out that SSCs (soft structured carriers) aren’t suitable for babies below 4 months old because the baby’s back isn’t strong enough yet.

So for the first 4 months, I used the Boba wrap, which I’ll also do a short review later.

First of all, I love the carrier because it was so easy to put on. This is super important because I use the carrier everyday by myself. Even when you switch the carrier to another person, the straps are easy to adjust. You can get it done less than 5 minutes.

When I started using the Boba Carrier I thought it’s super comfy. The carrier fits my 5’2 frame just nice and hugs the baby. Naila was so comfortable in it that whenever I put her in, she’d quickly fall asleep! Alot of people commented on how Naila is a ‘good’ baby. But believe me, she’s only like that when in the carrier.

I am a work at home mom, and I used to take Naila out everyday… So you could say that I’m a heavy user of the carrier. It’s the ONLY carrier that I used for 1 and half years and the carrier still looks good and wears well! The material is sort of like canvas, very hardy. It has a hood which was SO SO useful when baby is asleep. There’s also a small pocket on the bottom of the carrier which comes in handy sometimes.


Check out the padding on this thing.. so thick! It was like lugging a bag instead of a 8kg baby.

When I’m alone, I usually prefer to use the Boba carrier. I mean, you can imagine having to carry a 7kg stroller and a 7kg baby at the same time.. Not pretty. So yeah the Boba carrier is a staple in my car.. I never took it out. Around 5 months old, Naila decided that she hates the stroller. So even hubs started carrying her in the carrier. Hubs is about 5’8, with a way bigger frame than me but the carrier can be adjusted and is also very comfortable for him.


Naila was 5 months old in the pic. Although, when hubs is wearing the baby, her legs tend to be splayed out more. And she seems to sink a little in the seat. I think it’s because hubs tends to wear it a bit lower on the hips. But again, in the carrier, Naila NEVER complains or cries. She just happily looks from side to side.

I know some parents prefer the forward facing carriers, and sometimes say their babies prefer it too. I think because I exposed Naila to this position since she was a month old, so she loves it! I also think that forward facing is a bit scary for small babies. Like, they’re more protected by facing in. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just paranoid or something.

When Naila was 5 months old, we started travelling around Malaysia. We took her to Cameron Highlands. Cameron Highlands has a cool weather, so walking outside is a breeze. We walked along the morning and night markets, did sight seeing around the orchids while wearing her. Me and hubs alternate wearing her for a few hours. She simply drifted in and out of sleep. Again, no complains! And Naila is so NOT the docile baby type. That’s why I love wearing her. She just simply switches on to zen mode in the carrier. The personality change is so obvious it’s funny.

With the carrier I’ve taken her everywhere actually. To the beach, sightseeing, we did trekking once. Walked inside buildings with ac, outside under the sun. What else…


7 months old Naila under the hood.


Carrying her at the beach with my trusty tan Boba carrier.


Baby almost falling asleep in the carrier.

Oh yeah! Did I mention you can wear the carrier on the back? When Naila was about 10 months old and VERY heavy, I started carrying her on the back. What could I say? A weight was lifted. I was carrying a normal backpack except that the content was breathing. One more thing I like about the carrier is that it has the strap to hold your handbag in place. OMG I am so thankful for this feature!

boba strap

This isn’t my photo, but I’ll just use it for demonstration purposes, just to show you where the strap is.

The strap is a lifesaver. Imagine carrying a baby and having to adjust your handbag every few minutes. It’ll get annoying pretty fast. With the strap, your handbag is held in place forevermore. Love it.

The only thing that I’ve never done in the carrier is to breastfeed. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t feel comfortable enough to breastfeed on the go. Somehow feels very exposed even though I know zillions of moms out there who successfully breastfeed while wearing the carrier without no one even noticing.

When I set out to look for a carrier, I wanted it to be convenient, ergonomic, reliable, hardy, comfortable and that baby loves it. I found all that in the Boba carrier. If this was a car, I’d equate it to be like a really reliable Toyota. No fuss, easy to find in stores and the price is reasonable considering that I’ve been using it for the past 2 years. It transits well from babies to toddlers.

All in all, 5 stars for the Boba Carrier.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Ramadhan & Third Trimester

I won’t be telling the truth if I said that Ramadhan this time around is not challenging. I’ve started to pray sitting down, and so far I’ve never missed a sahur. About eating habits, I’m used to eating often and I always always have a snack in my car and my handbag. And I usually bring a bottle of water with me everywhere I go, even in my bedroom at night. So fasting is a huge change for me.

For the first 2 days, I try to take it easy by just doing online work for De’ Bams. Physical activities make me soo tired nowadays. Even if I attempt to run an errand for a few hours outside, I’ll come back home as flat as a pancake.

Yesterday, I took an Arab family to view our shortstay apartment around 3pm. They’re looking to rent for a whole month. Normally, I don’t do viewings, unless they wanna stay 2 weeks or more. That morning, I did some errands for a few hours and got home around 12pm. Basically, I was already as flat as a pancake but I had to leave again at 2pm.

So when I arrived at the short stay some 15km away, I was expecting them to arrive on time but of course, keep in mind Murphy’s Law… when something bad can happen, it will happen… their Uber driver cancelled their request, so they had to wait for another taxi to get to my place. They arrived around 3.45pm… I had to tell myself over and over ‘PATIENCE’! At that time, my head was spinning and I was really feeling dehydrated. Travelling outside at 2 in the afternoon is no joke.. Temperature was a high 37C and you could feel the heat above your head.

The heat.. the fasting and carrying a pineapple sized human in your tummy is a bit too much for me to handle, I’ll admit. Thankfully, the viewing went smoothly when they arrived. And they confirmed the stay with us. Alhamdulillah. I love long term stays for one reason: I don’t have to clean up the apartment as often.

Hubs handles the reservations, so I’ve requested him to only accept long term stays in the next few months. I definitely want my maternity leave! That’s the downside of being self-employed. There’s no such thing as an extended leave. Taking a leave is a big effort and I won’t be staying at home for 43 days just taking care of the newborn. I’ll also have to do online work, paperwork, scheduling, delegating tasks to other people.. To top it off, there’s Naila.


My Arab guest who has 5 kids (aged 17 to 16 months! GASP!) wished me good luck with the new baby. She asked me whether I’m planning to have another one? Bwahahahhaha… My answer was I’m taking a looong break from baby making after this one!


On another note, I would like to wish Ramadhan Mubarak to all Muslims out there. May your Ramadhan be filled with mercy & forgiveness.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Positive Changes From Playschool

Hi! My mom and dad weren’t very keen on the idea of me sending Naila to playschool from the very beginning. They said it’s too early for her. Naila will be 3 in October.

They could be right but I have a few reasons for sending her:

1. So she doesn’t get bored while I do work

2. It’s only 3 hours

3. It’s only playschool where she PLAYS the whole time she’s there

4. She and I need a distraction when the new baby swings by

My main reason has always been No.4 because I don’t know how am I going to handle a newborn and a clingy toddler at the same time.

Like any other moms out there, I combed the area and paid a visit to 4-5 centres before finally settling on one. I think it’s a mom thing because hubs really don’t understand ‘why can’t I make up my mind’. Of course I’ve got criterias! DUHHHH.

English, Islamic and Play-based. Those are my criteria and they extend to little details like what is the daily schedule like, how many kids in the class, who’s the teacher… yada yada. To cut the story short, I found the right place at the end of April.

The trial was only two days, then I enrolled her full time in May. Now it’s been 3 weeks. She doesn’t say a word about school, even when I ask her. Teachers said she’s doing well. She cooperates and listens to instructions, plays along well with other kids. So I decided not to push her. She’ll tell me something when she’s ready.

Then came last week. We were upstairs, my mom, me and Naila. Mom said it’s time for dinner. Naila actually cleans up her stuff. We didn’t even have to ask! We were standing there looking at her quietly flabbergasted. She cleaned up the whole area!

During the same weekend, we visited my mil’s. Naila’s 1 year old cousin Addeen was there. To our surprise, there wasn’t any shouts or cries heard the whole day. We actually caught them sitting on the carpet together having a picnic. Naila gave a cup to Addeen and they spent 5 minutes ‘drinking’ together!

Just to get things straight, Naila is NOT a sharer and she doesn’t clean up her toys, no matter how much we encourage her. So she must’ve gotten these habits from her playschool. Major lovee.

It’s still early days but looks like she’s picked up some good habits already. It’s the only thing I ever wish for!


Thursday, May 26, 2016

Meeting the one, Husbands & Babies

It’s getting to that stage where you wake up in the middle of the night and it’s hard to go back to sleep. Owh I remember this phase very well. The baby is squirming and kicking.

I was kinda lamenting my freedom in the first few months of having a new baby. You know, the multiple diaper change, feeding, burping especially in the middle of the night. Then hubs said ‘you wanted this baby’. That literally just shut me up. It’s true. It’s my mantra ever since we got married. 2 before 30. Paranoid I’ll be too tired by the time I’m 30… hahaha

I don’t know why I plan these things. I guess I felt like I had to fit it in with my other stuff like building a business empire (doesn’t go the way I planned it) and traveling the world (partly satisfied with it). Some people stumble into success seemingly overnight and that’s their blessing.

Everybody has their challenges and we can’t always see it. Darn social media for making everything look shiny and all glitters.

I’m ganna be honest here, I never liked babies. I mean you know, last time before I had one. Someone can hand over a baby to me and I’m gana be like, please somebody hellpp meee. I can’t see how people thought they were cute. I mean, CATS are cute. Babies… can’t see it. For sure NObody thought I would be a mom.

At least that’s the vibe I got. People also probably think that I’d be a shi**y housewife because I didn’t know how to cook and that I would marry late. In school I thought that I would marry late because other people had boyfriends and I don’t and I can’t talk to boys because I get nervous.

Actually that changed when I met hubs. The 1st time I saw him, he was more nervous than I am. I KNEW he was the ONE. For a while :) Then there’s many years of drama I don’t know how we even survived. Seven years. That’s how long we knew each other before getting married. Then the ONE wasn’t the one. But then what is he? Those were seriously confusing times.

When we finally got married, I thought to myself ‘who knew?’ And I’m glad, he knows me so well. He didn’t marry me for my cooking or housewifing skills that’s for sure. Lol. I’m glad I married that bespectacled, unemployed, alternative music nerd because he turned out to be a lasiked and working engineer 5 years later. Plus he tolerates my Taylor Swift binge and I caught him mumbling Wildest Dreams a few times. Love you hubs <3

And eventhough I used to be impartial towards babies, I think I did a freaking good job with Naila.

Pats on the back.

Okay now I can go back to sleep. Till next time.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Bump Update 31 Weeks

Hi Yall!
I honestly don’t know where did all the weeks go?!? Saying this pregnancy is going by so fast is an understatement. When I calculated 32 weeks to be 8 months, suddenly it hit me. I’m having a new baby in 2 months!

Not sure if I’m ready!

This week I could’ve taken better care of what I eat. I should’ve drank more milk, eaten more healthy food. It’s more like a binge of everything I can think of. This one time, I was super hungry and chips is the only thing available, I finished the whole bag. I’ve been really baddd.

I almost forgot that I’m preggers sometimes because of the move & early this month, my cat Chanel fell off the 5th floor of our apartment. It was heartbreaking and intensive work to bring her from one hospital to another. Naila started school, but she also had a high fever.

I was so occupied with taking care of a sick household that I couldn’t think of anything else.

I haven’t bought a thing for baby No. 2. Nothing. Maybe next month when things are back to normal.

Naila is EXTRA clingy. Wants me around all the time. But Hubs has been spending more time with her, taking her along when doing chores and stuff. At least she’s big enough now to put on her own shoes, eat, and potty.

Frankly saying, I don’t feel pregnant except for the hard kicks when I’m about to fall asleep at night. That, and the fact that if I tried sleeping on my back, it feels like I was sleeping with a coconut sized rock on my stomach.

All in all, I think my pregnancy is fairly easy. The baby doesn’t give much fuss. Even when I’m hungry he/she doesn’t raise a kicking match like Naila last time. THANK YOU I pray that you’re an easy, calm baby once you’re born.

Doctor Norshida said you’ll weigh more than 1kg around now. So big already. I hope you don’t weigh more than your sister.. 3.1kg is big enough I think.

‘Till next week!

Friday, May 13, 2016


It’s May, and guess where I’m writing this. In the new apartment.

So we decided to move again sometime in April. It’s a BIG RUSH, but we had to do it…considering a new baby is coming in July. The decision is actually sort of like a family restructuring. Lots of companies are restructuring.. my businesses are too and we personally needed to restructure our finances to brace the current economy.


I feel really sad about leaving our comfortable nest but when things get tough, the tough has to get going.. I don’t feel like it but that’s what they say anyway.

The move was a brutal 5 days. We had so many furniture to shift around because of the size constraint.. We moved into an apartment almost half the size of our current apartment! It used to be 1450 sqft of running space and now we’re one room less.

I decided to sacrifice my beautiful office. *CRY* Hopefully the pressure of working in a tight space makes me work harder.

One month before moving I started googling tips about small apartment d├ęcor, organizing tips and zen living.

I got rid of some of my clothes & hubs.

I got rid of things I kept from our wedding and school days.

I wept and tore and said goodbye to my printed memories. We gave away a bunch of stuff at the FREEMARKET. We stored sooOoo much junk. The big space we had just swallowed up a lot of stuff, it didn’t look like we had any.

Before moving, hubs actually said,


I said, “did you forget the last time we moved?”

Yes, he forgot. Because when it came for time to move, we had to hire the lorry for TWO days. Imagine TWO days. One day just to get rid of things. The other day to move to the apartment. We even borrowed his dad’s pickup truck to move loose items ourselves.

I wasn’t supposed to carry heavy stuff but caught myself arranging racks and drawers. Carrying many many boxes, baskets, plastics. Carrying Naila & the cat. Carrying carpets. Okay you name it, I did it.


And now, on to DAY 5. This is what we’ve got.

messy house

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