Monday, August 3, 2015

The Virtue of Being Positive

In this month of Shawal, I would like to talk about politics. Because my sense of timing has always been off, I’m not usually aware of stuff like birthdays, or friendship day or Raya. My Raya this year consisted of going back to Taiping for two nights, rushing back to KL, and back to work on the third day. Festive, I know.

I don’t usually say anything about politics. It’s dirty enough without having me to say anything about it. But someone close to me, i.e. mr. husband talks about politics 24 hours. So no matter how hard I try to shut myself away from the country politics, I can’t because I’ve got a live news telecast overshadowing me. Haha. (Love you hubby)

Anyway one thing people like better than gossip is bad gossip, yes? And I think generally Malaysians have such a negative outlook on our country at the moment. As if we’re all going to turn into a battlefield tomorrow. I understand the sentiment of a certain leader at the moment but the doomsayers dooming the country into bankruptcy and other sort of horrors for me, is just too much. Some actually say that they would like to leave the country for better pastures.

Seriously? Like, are you actually living on the streets to actually say that?

I can really give a long winded commentary here.. but in summary, I love my country. I think my country is going through some growing pains, not unlike any other countries. Sometimes we need to widen our view and stop thinking that our country is unique in its power struggles. A lot of other countries out there have experienced this earlier than us but continue on to be world super powers. We need to ride the wave with positive thoughts!

I can’t stand people commenting that we’re all going to be poor, we’re all going to be homeless or something along that line of thought. It’s just…so….depressing and bordering on ungratefulness. I wish people would just stick to the issue and avoid name calling, or spreading negativity as if we’re going to be the next Somalia. Some people even based their arguments solely on things they read on Facebook. Cringe!

Owh Facebook, you’ve became an unmoderated offensive coffee shop that has no consequences to the speaker. They can just spew out nonsense and not be held accountable for what they say. I’ve unfollowed such people by the way. It’s funny, because if you look at my timeline, there’s only rainbows and unicorn.

Let me tell you that it’s very deliberate. You know that chain of posts that break up the negativity in Facebook? I love that concept and that’s what I will do indefinitely.


Because it takes people’s mind off worries of a doomed country. And it takes people’s minds off anger. We’re already stressed out as it is, we don’t need people to spread fear mongering like you’re going to lose your job because of an incompetent government! Seriously, to put it nicely, shut up!

“Speak a good word or remain silent”.

P/S: I solemnly swear that I will post about rainbows and unicorns in my next post!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ramadan Kareem


السلام عليكم

I’ve missed blogging so much!!!! One day, I opened up my blog thinking it’s only been 2-3 months since I last posted. Behold! It’s almost one year! What??!! My last post was when Naila turned one, and she’ll be two in 4 months. Sobs. Time does go by very fast.

Last year around this time I remember having a hard time fasting and the fasting months didn’t feel like one because I was so exhausted taking care of a 7 month old and balancing my workload at the same time. God is so great, this year alhamdulillah there are lots of changes, particularly since the baby is all grown up and I finally got domestic help.

I just wanna say, that we will always be bombarded with problems of the world. Keep your head high, brave it and pray a lot. On those days that feels bleak, just sit in a corner and pray. My favorite surah to ponder is ad-dhuha and al-insyirah that I go back to over and over again when everything feels too much. You can ask anything from God, don’t be shy and don’t feel like you don’t deserve it.

I’ve got so much to share!! (Don’t we all?) But I don’t wanna blab here yet. Wait for my next post!

Take care wonderful people.

Friday, October 24, 2014

One Year Old Baby

Naila is ONE! Alhamdulillah.




Don’t worry, she’s fine.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Where to Rent Baby’s Gadgets In Malaysia


Since Naila’s first month until now, there’s one website that I go to when looking for baby gadgets TO RENT. It’s


We rented the Fisher Price Open Top, battery operated swing when she was a month old.


Then rented the Bumbo seat plus tray when she was 5 months old…

naila truck

…Little Tikes Toy truck/excavator when she was 9 months old…

naila walker

VTech walker when she was 10 months old.

The renting process is pretty simple and can be found on their website. The rental is very cheap, compared to other rental websites. For example, the VTech walker is RM29 per month.

Mothers know that a baby outgrow their toys or equipment as fast as they change diapers. These toys cost a bomb too, which adds to the mountain of other things we have to spend on. It’s only economical to rent certain items like rockers, or electronic toys. It’s just that you have to understand that some toys aren’t brand new. You have to be ok with toys that are missing a knob, or chipped a little bit on the edges.

Usually I disinfect the toys with soapy water before giving it to baby. But the trade-off is that you get to keep a few hundred ringgits! I’d say that’s fair.

I like that they have a huge selection of gadgets to choose from, ranging from birth to 2 years old. I even planned in advance when I looked at their product page.

The service is prompt, my order is received usually a day after payment. For returns, simply inform the owner and they will schedule a pick-up for you.

So guys, if you’re looking for baby rental equipment and toys, please check out and give them a try!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Top Ten IG Shops for Mommies!


When I discovered the magical world of instashops, I was hooked. Not only are they selling cheaper than normal retail shops, they are also selling things you simply can’t find anywhere else in Malaysia! Most of them also deliver to your front step, making it super convenient. Of course since I’m a mom, most of my favorite shops are mom-centric.

My criteria for this list are 3 things--updated almost daily, very niche items, and having good feedback.

Let’s begin!

1. RTW Store


My favorite among favorites! Cheaper than retail strollers and travel systems, with a variety of brands to choose from. No wonder they have almost close to 30,000 followers!

Sells: Cosatto, Babyjogger, bugaboo, babyzen yoyo, maxi cosi, nuna etc. There’s too many to name! Just give them a visit and you’ll see!

2. The Posh Poufs


My favorite among all headband makers. Gorgeous, carefully made headbands for your little princesses. Custom made and ready made alike.

3. Bebe Bundo


They recently launched their webstore. The premier baby and kids moccasin shoe makers in Malaysia! A batch of new collections just came out and I wanna cry at their fabulousness.

4. LilMunchkin Store


Look out for USA baby brands like Carter’s, Old Navy, Baby Gap, Ralph Lauren and Timberland. You buy on pre-order basis, but the cheaper price justifies waiting.

5. Charms & Beads


First of the non-mommy variety! I know Pandora is already in Malaysia but have you seen the prices? One word—cut throat! This instashop solves your woes .. get a bracelet or charm at a fraction of the price in Malaysia! Yes, it’s pre-order basis.

6. Sweettoothville


I was getting bored of the usual cakes when I stumbled upon this inspiring instashop! The cakes are made to order and they can sculpt almost anything. They’ve made custom cakes for Nora Danish, and the king!

7. SJ World of Babycakes


Who doesn’t love macarons? and homemade? Enough said.

8. EZ Diet


Healthy 7 day meals sent to your doorstep. Endorsed by Sazzy Falak, the fitness enthusiast.

9. Kufi On Kanvas


Gorgeous gorgeous Islamic artwork from very talented people. Price ranges from RM 200 and above.

10. Lisda Home Spa


This last one is so awesome because let’s face it, after a massage session, you really just wanna sleep. You can, because they’ll come over to your house for the massage.

Hope the list was useful to you. Give them a try and let’s support small businesses.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Last month, me, hubs and baby went on our first 4 hour travel together to the north of Malaysia, in Penang.

The last time I was in Penang was maybe 8 years ago. The Penang I remember then is nothing like the Penang now. First I have to say Penang is so awesome!! It’s so different from KL or any other city in Malaysia.

The drive to Penang went quite smoothly despite having a baby on board who has no sense of time or patience. There was only one meltdown that required us to stop the car. Other than that it was good. Upon arrival in Penang, it was already nighttime and we decided to get a bite to eat hawker style at Gurney Drive.

If you went to Penang, there is a list of food that you must try. One of them is Pasembor, or we call it rojak in KL. There’s this one particular hawker that was so popular that we had to try. His stall is stall no 9. The gravy is sweet with just the right hint of spiciness. It was so good that the following morning we went out looking for more pasembor, only to learn that pasembor is an evening dish and rarely do they serve them in the morning. As my dad put it, ‘no one opens their pasembor stall in the morning. People will just laugh if you go looking for it.”

Usually our travel itinerary is a very straightforward mantra--- we do what we wanna do. But since baby is on tow, our itinerary is dictated by our ability to lug around baby and by the position of the sun. With that in mind, we decided to take on botanical gardens and bukit bendera in the morning.


For the record, we love gardens and parks. For someone who has been to several botanical gardens in and out of the country, I would say Malaysia has one of the best botanical gardens. And out of my favorite botanical gardens, this is one of the best in terms of variety and upkeep.


We met the fern garden keeper and he invited us in to give a short tour. Every now and then they will climb up to Gunung Jerai and other jungles to pick up a new plant for the botanical gardens.


Penang Botanical Garden also known as Taman Kebun Bunga with Bukit Bendera as backdrop.

The next place we went to was Bukit Bendera. I’ve been on the hill previously. What’s different this time is it’s new funicular train. Also the love lock wall on top of Bukit Bendera.


Also worth mentioning up here we get to check another food off the must try list. Penang Char Kuey Tiaw. It was so good me and hubs had to order a second serving.


A good baby carrier is a travelling must-have!

Later that evening, we decided to explore Georgetown itself. Around 4pm, the sun was still hot outside. So the only option was to hire a trishaw. Walking may be fun but riding a trishaw around Georgetown beats anything and it was the highlight of the trip.

We got assigned to an uncle who looked about 70. He insisted on taking us on a one hour tour, so we took it. At one point I honestly wanted to kick hubs out to replace the poor uncle but he looked fine throughout.

Georgetown is a beautiful city. Old colonial buildings line the streets unlike other modern cities. The roadside was clean. The shops were unique and most looked like they’ve survived decades.

Besides Kuala Terengganu, I gotta say Georgetown is my other favorite city in Malaysia.




Anyway, I highly recommend touring Georgetown on a trishaw!

Georgetown has lots to offer. The beach area, Batu Feringghi is also highly popular but honestly, I find it a little overrated. I’d say skip the beach and explore Penang city instead.

Okay that’s it for Penang. I would definitely come back for the city and food!

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