Monday, October 14, 2019

Mental Health Well-being

I blogged about starting to exercise before. By now, I've made it a commitment to do it every single day except the weekend. The things that it does for my overall well-being is just short of amazing.

I don't know how to NOT make this sound like an advert but gosh. I just needed to say something somewhere. When I say exercise, it's actually short 10-20 mins bursts of HIIT. So it's quick, intense but so so effective.

So my morning routine goes like this:-

6.45/7am - Wake up, gets kids ready for kindy & daycare, breakfast
7.15am - Hubs send oldest to kindy & goes to work
8.30am - Send the toddlers to daycare
9am - Reach home, vacuum the house, feed cat, water plants, feed fish & tiny home touch ups
9.30am - Start HIIT. I LOVE Pamela Reif's
10am - Short shower
10.15am - Start work

I've been doing it consistently almost everyday since early of the year. I don't even think about my weight anymore because doing this, you get toned up so you don't really care anymore. Most days, I work on abs because hello three kids really mess up your middle! But yeah omg if you work on it everyday, you start seeing the muscles toning up and you start losing anything extra.

Plus it's so motivating when you start seeing some parts shrinking and lifted!

It sounds so simple, I started with 10 mins only, but the key word is EVERYDAY. Well, weekends for me is impossible because kids climb on me when I'm planking, so no thank you.

On the days that laziness start creeping in, I quickly remind myself that I have this amazing time in the world that I didn't have just one year ago. If I'm not using this time to get in shape, then what useless piece of meat am I? I choose to work flexible hours so I get to do things I can't normally do if I work 9-5. So I do have lazy days but I'm happy to say to I've been fairly consistent.

What's the aftermath besides feeling fit? Being in my line of work, you tend to get more rejections than yesses, so being fit also helps me feel a lot more positive. You also get less tired and more energetic. You sleep well.

I don't know if this is a plus, because you have to spend money (!) but I've swung from S size to M size but now definitely back to true S size.. so alot of my M sized clothes are baggy on my frame now.

So there you have it.. some of my friends have commented that I looked the same from uni days, but it isn't true because if you've gone through pregnancy, giving birth and nursing (x3) you are definitely NOT the same. It's a conscious effort to keep fit and to control eating habits. But I'll share that next time. 

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Raising Daughter

Do you have a goal for your kids? Sometimes I look at my kids and wonder, is it enough to feed and clothe them. Is it enough to expect they will learn something by looking at us?

I admit the first years of their lives is extremely tiring. Any plans you had about anything can be thrown out the window because you can barely think most of the time. I fought hard to work past the maternal fog in the beginning and it slowly cleared without me noticing it.

Now I'm back to 100% in terms of brain power, I'm pretty sure. Then I realized that I've been on autopilot for so long that I barely planned anything for my kids, which pretty much deviated from my original parenthood dreams.

The time is now to change though.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Annual Krabi Trip

First it's what you look for in a holiday. Is it peace of mind, new adventures on the off beaten path & food heaven? Then YES, that's why we go back. In fact this place has more variety than our east coast islands, although those are heavenly too. 

Thursday, May 23, 2019

30s Skin Woes and Sheet Masks

I've never been one with perfect porcelain skin ever. In fact, I'm that person who struggles with imperfect, blemished skin since I was 14. My skin is high maintenance and sensitive. My best skin record was when I was on Accutane in uni.. imagine that. Second best was during all my pregnancies, funny enough!

So entering 30s, I don't know what to expect. And because I've always had difficult skin, I really make it a point to wear sunscreen at least, everyday. But after giving birth to Hassan, I noticed my skin had red blotches that never went away. This birth, coincides with me turning 30, so I don't know whether it's because of my third pregnancy or is it just me turning 30.

Another thing I dislike about my skin is the pores. I naturally have big pores man. They get clogged so easily. How I long to have baby skin like my babies! But alas...

So this year I started looking for serums and lotions and whatever that could improve my skin's overall appearance. I'm currently taking vitamin C. That's not much but it's better than not taking anything, right? Plus vitamin C is an anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidants slow down or stop the processes that damage the cells in our body.

My plan is to actually attack this skin problem inside and out. The vitamin C was the "inside".

On the outside, I found this skincare range The Ordinary which like it's name, is very basic, and each product is a no-frills active ingredient that works directly to correct a specific the skin problem. I like it so far, I can see minor improvement on my skin. It doesn't break out my skin, so that's good. I just have to be consistent using it I guess.

Then, most recently, I thought of sheet masks. Actually, me and hubs were watching a Shark Tank episode where someone was pitching a sheet mask when it occurred... to hubs. He was like, "how come you never tried sheet masks? You're always complaining about your skin yada yada."

So I went to Watson's and just FOUND OUT that there's a whole section dedicated to JUST sheet masks. I'm so left behind! Apparently the korean skin care craze is currently hitting Malaysian shores and sheet masks are part of them. They're also so cheap! RM10 for 4 pieces really?? Well it depends on the brand but the pharmacist showed me two of their popular brands.. one is Dr Morita and another one is Noblesse.

I'm using Noblesse because they're dirt cheap but I get to use it 4-5 times a week. Have to say.. I love these sheet masks! They actually brightened up my skin and those red blotches I was talking about? They slowly fade away with each mask I use. Unbelievable.

Which made me think... so all this while my skin problem is dehydration? I guess so, I've always thought it's something to do with the sun exposure.

For now, these are my staples. And I will continue using them because they make my skin feel so good! 

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Shut Up and Drive

I'm usually quiet outside, unless there's something to say, by which I'm quite outspoken. You know, like issues. Lately I don't know who I am.. it seems like I'm morphing but I don't know into what yet. I believe our trials & tribulations really shape you to be your current self and I'm still discovering what I am. 

Watching my kids grow, I'm convinced of something. That we inherit personalities and tendencies. Like my 2nd born Ibrahim, who is a dead ringer of my husband. Nobody taught him to walk like that or behave like that. A tendency that I have since little is being a little feminist. Like trying to prove that girls can do this and that.. a little bit of female empowerment and encouraging other girls to do the same. 

So that's interesting. I believe to be successful you have to go with the flow of what drives you. It's not easier, but it helps when things get tough. Because your inner drive is forcing you to go forward even when the odds are against you. 

My life challenge has always been about proving myself worthy. It's funny, but my fear has always been that I become a nobody. When I was 8.. I remember our math teacher coming into the classroom to announce that we're having a congak test that day. We weren't prepped beforehand.. I did miserably.. It was for timetables 2 and 3. I scored 2/15 or something like that. 

I was so scarred that I remember the incident like it was yesterday. The fear of getting the answers wrong, and the fear of scoring last in the class! The dread, the horror. 

It was this incident that made me so intent on becoming an "A" math student. Just to prove that I'm not stupid and I can do math. And yes I also went on to do engineering, which again comes down to proving I'm not stupid in math. I STILL have trouble with congak. I get flustered if anyone asks me 34+59 on the spot. The struggle is real people. 

But after graduating uni, that's when I decided that I'm done proving my worthiness in math. Yes it sounds ridiculous but that was also why I NEVER applied even one engineering job after graduating. I went straight into sales & marketing. 

Proving my worth in this line is a totally different animal. 

So I'm just curious, what drives you to do what you're doing? Is it fear? Is it burning desire for something? 

Tuesday, February 19, 2019


When you're a mom of three, a few things that really matters to us just seem weird to other people. We say words like STTN, SAHM, WAHM. Like yay finally STTN! Anyway, my kids aren't fully STTN or Sleeping Through The Night. Why is this so important? Because when you get woken up a few times at night for the past 2 years literally, you kinda look forward to it.

One thing I notice about having two kids so close in age.. is one would be getting over one stage.. and the other would suddenly enter that particular stage. So it's like dealing with a prolonged stage. It's wonderful and chaotic.

So Ibrahim has gotten all his teeth.. and stopped waking up at night, he sleeps like a log now. Hassan on the other hand, has started the waking-up-screaming phase, which is a mixture of tooth growth and nightmares.

We tried putting Naila to sleep in a separate room, but sometimes she ends up disrupting us in the middle of the night. Seriously feels like we never left the newborn stage at night! I'm still waking up a few times to calm Hassan down.

But one good thing is that they know how to put themselves to sleep. A few months ago, I almost got into a depression because I was sleeping at 9pm every night. Yes. Totally depressed for sleeping early. It'll be nice if it was my choice.. but it wasn't. I was putting the kids to sleep and I fell asleep accidentally because the bed was cool, and soft and I'm normally already tired at the end of the day.

What I did was to dig back all my materials on self soothing. Yes it's very controversial and many people don't agree with it, but if it draws the line between happy and insanity, you might wanna give it a try.

And once it worked, sanity restored 100%. I had my leisure night time again. I'll share some best practices for self soothing some other time but it seriously saved my life.

Hassan is 1.5 years now.. he should be fully STTN by the time he's 2-ish. Basically it's another year. I can do this! 
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