Monday, June 6, 2016

Positive Changes From Playschool

Hi! My mom and dad weren’t very keen on the idea of me sending Naila to playschool from the very beginning. They said it’s too early for her. Naila will be 3 in October.

They could be right but I have a few reasons for sending her:

1. So she doesn’t get bored while I do work

2. It’s only 3 hours

3. It’s only playschool where she PLAYS the whole time she’s there

4. She and I need a distraction when the new baby swings by

My main reason has always been No.4 because I don’t know how am I going to handle a newborn and a clingy toddler at the same time.

Like any other moms out there, I combed the area and paid a visit to 4-5 centres before finally settling on one. I think it’s a mom thing because hubs really don’t understand ‘why can’t I make up my mind’. Of course I’ve got criterias! DUHHHH.

English, Islamic and Play-based. Those are my criteria and they extend to little details like what is the daily schedule like, how many kids in the class, who’s the teacher… yada yada. To cut the story short, I found the right place at the end of April.

The trial was only two days, then I enrolled her full time in May. Now it’s been 3 weeks. She doesn’t say a word about school, even when I ask her. Teachers said she’s doing well. She cooperates and listens to instructions, plays along well with other kids. So I decided not to push her. She’ll tell me something when she’s ready.

Then came last week. We were upstairs, my mom, me and Naila. Mom said it’s time for dinner. Naila actually cleans up her stuff. We didn’t even have to ask! We were standing there looking at her quietly flabbergasted. She cleaned up the whole area!

During the same weekend, we visited my mil’s. Naila’s 1 year old cousin Addeen was there. To our surprise, there wasn’t any shouts or cries heard the whole day. We actually caught them sitting on the carpet together having a picnic. Naila gave a cup to Addeen and they spent 5 minutes ‘drinking’ together!

Just to get things straight, Naila is NOT a sharer and she doesn’t clean up her toys, no matter how much we encourage her. So she must’ve gotten these habits from her playschool. Major lovee.

It’s still early days but looks like she’s picked up some good habits already. It’s the only thing I ever wish for!


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Anonymous said...

Do u mind sharing which playschool u send your daughter to?

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