Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Throwback to Perhentian Island

Last February, we decided to take our first island vacation with Naila! At first we were a bit apprehensive because to get to the island, we had to take a motorboat for an hour with a little toddler on board.
We decided to buy a toddler sized life vest to be safe. Those boat operators never have children sizes. The boat ride turned out well.
This time, the vacation is super laid back and with a toddler on hand, you can’t really expect anything. I didn’t go snorkeling and hubs didn’t dive or anything. We just spent time with each other, walking down the beach, play with sand, take a short swim in the ocean and basically drink in the island. It was bliss.
Enjoy the photos.
perhentian 1

perhentian 2

perhentian 3

perhentian 4

perhentian 5

perhentian 6

perhentian 8

perhentian 7
So beautiful.


Ida Khairani said...

Cantik !! Berapa harga life jacket kiddo tu? :D

Adil said...

Life jacket RM110, beli daripada supplier. Lepas dah beli baru dapat tau brand arena pun ada, RM80 je.

Fara Fedora said...

So cute la your baby Naila! Did u guys went to Kampung Nelayan opposite pulau besar as well? :)

Adil said...

@farafedora Yes we did! But it was heavily under construction when we went there. Still lovely though! Thank you!

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