Monday, August 3, 2015

The Virtue of Being Positive

In this month of Shawal, I would like to talk about politics. Because my sense of timing has always been off, I’m not usually aware of stuff like birthdays, or friendship day or Raya. My Raya this year consisted of going back to Taiping for two nights, rushing back to KL, and back to work on the third day. Festive, I know.

I don’t usually say anything about politics. It’s dirty enough without having me to say anything about it. But someone close to me, i.e. mr. husband talks about politics 24 hours. So no matter how hard I try to shut myself away from the country politics, I can’t because I’ve got a live news telecast overshadowing me. Haha. (Love you hubby)

Anyway one thing people like better than gossip is bad gossip, yes? And I think generally Malaysians have such a negative outlook on our country at the moment. As if we’re all going to turn into a battlefield tomorrow. I understand the sentiment of a certain leader at the moment but the doomsayers dooming the country into bankruptcy and other sort of horrors for me, is just too much. Some actually say that they would like to leave the country for better pastures.

Seriously? Like, are you actually living on the streets to actually say that?

I can really give a long winded commentary here.. but in summary, I love my country. I think my country is going through some growing pains, not unlike any other countries. Sometimes we need to widen our view and stop thinking that our country is unique in its power struggles. A lot of other countries out there have experienced this earlier than us but continue on to be world super powers. We need to ride the wave with positive thoughts!

I can’t stand people commenting that we’re all going to be poor, we’re all going to be homeless or something along that line of thought. It’s just…so….depressing and bordering on ungratefulness. I wish people would just stick to the issue and avoid name calling, or spreading negativity as if we’re going to be the next Somalia. Some people even based their arguments solely on things they read on Facebook. Cringe!

Owh Facebook, you’ve became an unmoderated offensive coffee shop that has no consequences to the speaker. They can just spew out nonsense and not be held accountable for what they say. I’ve unfollowed such people by the way. It’s funny, because if you look at my timeline, there’s only rainbows and unicorn.

Let me tell you that it’s very deliberate. You know that chain of posts that break up the negativity in Facebook? I love that concept and that’s what I will do indefinitely.


Because it takes people’s mind off worries of a doomed country. And it takes people’s minds off anger. We’re already stressed out as it is, we don’t need people to spread fear mongering like you’re going to lose your job because of an incompetent government! Seriously, to put it nicely, shut up!

“Speak a good word or remain silent”.

P/S: I solemnly swear that I will post about rainbows and unicorns in my next post!


Ida Khairani said...

to many negative vibes.. we need lots of positive right

Ibu Tercomel said...

We need to keep moving forward n be more positive

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