Monday, May 18, 2009

Smashing Boxes

Last Friday I discovered alleged twin no. 5. According to this guy, she looks like me. I decided to check her out. And surprise surprise she looks nothing like me. I saw her face and I knew she was saying the same thing. Of course he told her about me.

Mom’s not home. I’m in charge of the house today, so I bought a bucket of KFC chicken and potato wedges, got home and yelled LET’S PARTAAY!!! To which my youngest brother look at me incredulously and muttered “uh yeah”.

“Kakak, ma wants you to help me with pendidikan seni exam.”

Which is so not party-ish. But really who can blame them

I blame school for teaching me how to think INSIDE the BOX. Do you remember those times teacher tells you No, you can’t answer it like that, you must answer it like THIS because it isn’t in the skema jawapan. Now I’m so very skema jawapan because I followed to a T and I pleased teachers, and I fit into the cookie cutter of the perfect answer.

Fast forward 5 years, I’m (forever) 21, and people start yelling in my ears, THINK OUT OF THE BOX. OUT OF THE BOX!!

I feel like smashing karate chopping the bloody box out of the way. But the box is 1 m thick and I’m tired sometimes. 12 years of being in the box makes me very good at staying inside!

One thing I swear I’m ganna do later is to let my children (bossing around other people’s children is out of the question) express themselves however they want. “Oh wow look at the blue sun! And the mutant worm that’s green, and purple! That’s so cute!!”

And if teachers punish them for having an imagination, they have ME to answer to. RAWR. I’m going to snap those pretty stilettos into two.

I dunno how much more do I have to smash, but there sure as hell won’t be a prince to kiss me out of the box so I’ll have to scrape through the imaginary cell myself.

You know what, I can think of only one reason why I’m this crappy. It is. It is the return of the horror semester at the university of Umhorror in 2 months! (Cue thunderstorm and lightning here) Yes folks, I’ll be going back there soon so be prepared to hear more bitching. Like wee! I know. Horroriffic right? Ugh. Can’t wait.

I’m going to miss the booming noise of Disney Channel when I’m trying to sleep, the screaming and shouting of my pet brothers, my mom shouting “EVERYONE GO TO BED!!”, the weekend rendezvous and practicing Wing Chun, Carmen Electra aerobic from YouTube. Sighs.

Goodbye heaven.


Sabrina said...

yeah, right. when we voice something out of the box, they would look at us, tease us like we just came back from another universe.

that is the price to pay for thinking out of the box. but it's ok, the pay is totally worth it, it just shows we are beyond mediocrity.

Adil said...

sabrina, well said.

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