Sunday, July 18, 2010

Saturday Night is Family Night


As a family, like the wolf pack, usually my dad would assume the role of decision maker. He does not favor western food, Italian or Mexican. He doesn’t even like pizza that much and he would buy us a constant supply of chocolates but he never touches them. You’d never find him in Chilli’s or TGIF or Italiannies. Only on that odd father’s day that we ‘forced’ him to take us to Bubba Gump Shrimp and even then, he ordered a kiddy meal.

Food he usually agrees to is anything Asian. Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Pakistani, Arabic--you name it. So on Saturday night, we jumped on his offer to dine out. “Bah let’s go to Hadramawt!”.

CIMG0291edited CIMG0294edited

Thing is, my dad has been singing praises over this place for the past 2 weeks, after finding out in Egypt that Hadramawt is in Malaysia. If you’ve been to Rawsha and enjoyed the food there, you’re going to enjoy the food here better. Price-wise is more or less comparable to TGIF.

CIMG0312editededited CIMG0307edited CIMG0304edited

The place makes you wonder whether you’re actually in an Arabic country or in Malaysia. There weren’t many locals inside and the place was swarmed by Arab families. The place looked pretty exclusive, very cozy and very Arabic.

The food is of course SEDAP. Delicious. Mouth watering. Say it however you want it. You can tell just by looking at the pictures. [I’ll never be a food blogger because I get too excited at the sight of the food that I forget to snap pictures until everybody is halfway through their food =P]

CIMG0323edited CIMG0324 CIMG0332edited

More pictures of pretty little things. We had hummus and green salad for appetizer, lamb madghout and chicken kebab for main course. Then we had Arabic tea which by the way, smelled so good.

We hang out for a bit, until it was 11.30 before realizing it was raining heavily outside. (Told you the place was super cozy.)


So yeah. That was my Saturday night. Nothing wild, just a very nice dinner outside with the familia. My youngest brother was the happiest one, being allowed to stay up past 12. I’ll be back soon. There’s a lot to report. Ciao!


Geekazoid said...

im commenting for two posts.

inception was awesome, though it didn't have that "kick" i was hoping for. maybe i was expecting too much.

eclipse on the other hand, i did not watch, and for fear of my life, i will not say further in front of all the blood-thirsty vampire lovers. lol.

what a weird name for a restaurant, i googled and it meant death has come. or maybe it originated from a place of the same name.

Adil said...

Seeing that Christopher Nolan is the director, I'm being biased bout Inception. But I'm a big fan of 'big' mysteries if you know what I mean. It's a great movie. Everyone should watch! Awh give elipse a chance.. take some pointers from Edward Cullen. Hahah.

Hadramawt is the name of an existing place. I doubted the place as soon as I heard the name actually but of course don't judge a book by its cover =)

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