Thursday, July 15, 2010

Inception and Eclipse Blow My Mind


Hie everybody out there! Especially those who do not know exactly what to do with their lives (but working on it!). So today I watched Inception at Mid Valley. Christopher Nolan is the man! My introduction to his directing style came in the form of the Prestige back in 2006. I knew immediately that one, he doesn’t make movies for us to sit back and relax. Two, his movies aren’t for new couples on dates. Because his movies doesn’t give us a chance to breathe or stop thinking. It’s like watching a puzzle but in visual form. And after his movies, good luck talking about anything else.

I rate inception 8/10 on the Christopher Nolan scale because he deserves to have his own scale. His movies aren’t comparable to others but if it is, then tell me, I’d love to watch it. It’s just brilliant, mind blowing, mind numbing fun you think you’re running with the characters throughout the movie.

Leonardo Di Caprio. OMgosh Leo has always been on my list to watch for ever since he appeared in Titanic (I was, and still am a big fan of the big ship). He’s amazing. I love Chris (old friend) just for choosing Di Caprio to star in the movie. The way he chose Hugh Jackman (swooooooooon. Those abs. The accent. The height. The smile. The voice. I love you!!!!!) in the Prestige, he’s just unstoppable.

Honestly my mind is still reeling from watching Inception this morning. Owh by the way, if you’re really in hurry, go to the Gold Class counter, ask for the movie that’s about to start. In my case, I asked for the one starting right now! Make an exasperated face for extra measures and thank the lady at the counter graciously. I got the ticket in 5 minutes instead of waiting in line for 30 minutes. Another smarter idea is to book the ticket earlier.


Woosh. Hotness.

Yesterday I went out with Bella (yes BIG coincidence) and we watched Eclipse. Sighs. Eclipse didn’t get me reeling like Inception did but it wasn’t meant to do that. Eclipse is dreamy. Eclipse makes me green with envy. While Inception is like working on wall street, Eclipse is like an extended holiday on the beach. Twilight haters: oh please just get over it. It’s meant to be an escapism.

Those are two must-watch movies this month. I’m ganna take a short break from the cinema and maybe buy more cetak rompaks. Eat microwave pop corn while at it. If you’re wondering why, let me explain in one word: unemployed.

I’ll be back sooon. OMG I miss writing. I know I’m a geek. Bye.


bellabelon said...

u r not a geek la adilah~ yeah twilight haters, get over it.

Adil said...

haha thanks

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