Friday, January 15, 2010

AI vs AF?


Call me whatever you want but I don’t really know much about the Malaysian music scene except for some very select few like Siti Nurhaliza (awh shut up haters), Hujan, Faizal Tahir etc etc.

I always thought those who catches my attention are REALLY good. I latch on to American Idol like rabid fever and if you’ve seen how stringent the whole process is, you’ll get an idea of how strong each contestant’s singing voice is.

So whenever I flip through channels and Akademi Fantasia is on, sometimes I’d pause to check it out. Guys.. I dunno. I think Akademi Fantasia is a watered down version of American Idol. Sure the concepts are different but I’m talking about the vocal prowess.

American Idols are lions to Akademi Fantasia’s kittens.

Can you imagine Mawi singing Michael Jackson? Let that question simmer. Danny Gokey did, Adam Lambert did. Powerful voices and ranges. Adam Lambert could definitely hit a Faizal Tahir song. That’s why I think American Idol rocks and AF does not.

We need more singers with powerful voices, like her:

Plenty of love. xoxo


Farah Annysa said...

awk ske ct ke adilah?

Adil said...

hahaha... soklan cepu mas... ske jugak. tapi xdela fan giler macam awk =D

jack johnson said...

sangat2 betul. AF macam sangat pentingkan rupa, lebih daripada suara. kalau comel, hensem, dan single, mesti undi tinggi.

p/s: comel gak shila ni. haha.

Adil said...

AF sgt bias..

p/s: mmg die comel! Guess wat, die anak ND lala. Ayah die mmg dh train dr kecik 4 singing.

Farah Annysa said...

takdelah gile. kalau gile, dah beli cd dia. bese2 je. hehe.

oh ye shila tu cousin housmate kite la adilah

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