Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shop. Till. You. Drop.

When I'm feeling really really uninspired, I usually do 3 things:

Shop, go somewhere, or hang out with people who talk nonstop.

I really wanted to do something, but couldn't and I don't know how, so I got kinda frustrated and down. Then my mom announce that we're going to do some shopping today and I got all excited.

At the end of the day, I ended up doing all three things and I can't even begin to tell you how high I was.

I could shop for anything. You name it, clothes, make-up, scarves, toiletries, toys, carpets, furniture, jewelery, books, shoes, handbags, anything. I salivate hearing 3 magic words -- "Let's. go. shopping."

I'm satisfied enough being the shopping assistant without shopping myself, as long as something new is obtained. I'm the very definition of a shopaholic and I don't wanna be cured.

After a round of shopping extravaganza in the morning, me and mom-ster headed to Toys'r'us to pick up something for my youngest bro who's about to turn 11. I got so chuffed and headed towards the action figures. I knew in my bones that my bro would bow to me for buying him a batman figurine.

Apparently, mom gets spooked by the figurine, as any other tall, dark, caped thing does--so in the end we opted for a red darth vader lightsaber, after failing to convince mom into buying a 20 bullet toy gun. It doesn't matter, more star points for my Toysrus membership card!

As for supercool finds this month:

  1. Qirani t-shirts
  2. Body Shop make-up brushes
  3. Esprit outlet in Alamanda, Putrajaya (old news, still)
  4. Levi's outlet in Metro Kajang ( eventhough place is cringey, still worth it)
  5. Primavera shoes ( for some reason they're getting cheaper for same quality)

I'll elaborate later. That's it. Till next time!

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