Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Guessing Game

Hey. I was about to charge my handphone, when I look down and discovered this:

Can you guess who did it? Hint: Not supernatural forces nor human.

We must learn to forgive and forget because that's what we should do when we love someone/something. Even when someone/something did something that pisses us off a lot.

*Breathe in* *Breathe out*

Remember, forgive and forget. And borrow roommate's charger for a few days.


Bubbly Sabrina said...

hamster yg gigit???

captain sarcasm said...

bukan... roommate yg gigit. haha.

Cres said...

Wah. This has gone too far. At least the USB for the scanner tidak putus. (But still rendering it useless). Your hamster should be squashed (with that sentence all hamster lovers are putting a bounty on my head. Ah well).

Adil said...

Correct, the answer is hamsters!! =P duh. hee.

Items damaged by hamsters up to this day:

1. handphone charger
2. bedsheet
3. printer USB cable
4. Roomie's ipod earphone
5. Computer monitor wire
6. Roomie's laundry basket
7. Their own cages(for the record, there are 2 cages)
8. Bottom of the door
9. My fave beach bag
10. Half of friend's notes

Woooooo............ I just realized how expensive it is to keep hamsters..

Total damage estimates:RM500++
ok. darn.

Whoever said keeping hamsters are cheap is misguided. Hamsters are are actually chew monsters.

Everyone beware.

jnj said...

dah tau dia gigit sume benda, bagi lepas lagi dalam bilik... keep it in its cage. ever heard of a chew toy?

maybe u shud give ur hamsters bracers, so they wont chew so much. haha.

Adil said...

But like, you dont fully understand the situation I'm caught in.. What do you do when the hamsters are gungho about getting out of the cage that they bite the bars til my auntie thought a burglar was trying to get in? I thought i was a
being a cool master by letting them out. Should start thinking of chew toys I think.

yasin said...

haha. quite extreme.. ntah, kalau aku lepaskan, aku letak dlm dia pny rolling ball (or whatever it is called)... yeah, that way, they can roam around without causing property damage..

o yea, you missed something in ur list. remember ur etp poster? haha.

Adil said...

looooool. That was the best part. I thought I missed something out. That was Rm 30 btw ~_~ At least I could correct some mistakes from the first poster..

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