Monday, November 17, 2008

I Like to Move it Move it

After finishing one exam paper last 2 days, I was looking forward to have my well-deserved nap and to watch Ugly Betty. As I was ready to hit the bed, suddenly came a knock on the door. I opened it to find my friend standing there, looking very eager and not a hint of fatigue showing on her face; unlike beat-up me.

"Let's go to Ipoh."
"Really? Aren't you guys tired?"

Long story short, we end up in Ipoh, lining up to buy tickets to Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. I loved the first movie, but I had no idea the second one was 3 times more hilarious that I almost had a heart attack. In fact, the cinema was bombarded with laughter every few minutes. Anyways, if you wanna see a cool review of Madagascar, you can check >>this<< out.

We had dinner, then played 2 rounds of bowling which is pretty much the highlight of the day. I think my fingers were dislocated in the end.

Then we went to Tesco(yea we did) to pack up those exam week supplies(biskut marie, tuna mayonnaise). Our last stop was McDonald's because it was the only 24/7 hangout with air conditioner, mamak doesn't count.

I ordered hot milo because they didn't have hot chocolate. (I thought all American franchises are supposed to have hot chocolate???) And for that, I dub McDonald's lame in my dictionary. We had a good time despite buying overpriced fast food.(Hot milo for Rm 3.50 people? Really?)

We reached UTP at almost 1am, satisfied and full. The guards didn't try to ruin our fun by demanding that I stop the car to write the registration number for not having the latest college pass. Thank god.

It was a nice break from the otherwise monotonous week. Now back to real life. One more paper to go and I'll be free as a bird in the wild.


Cres said...

Only old people are lethargic. Fine, I stand corrected, but after the bowling session you felt refreshed right? What a way to start studying TP. (Actually belum start2 until now. Tolong!)

nono said...

Hot Milo for RM3.50.. OHMy!

Adil said...

Cres, for the record, im not old nor am i remotely near to be considered old. Its perfectly normal to feel a bit flat out after an exam..okay..

And nono, yea.. Its rm 3.50. It got me thinking that milo for rm3.50 is kinda not worth it. I think i was paying for their renovation. Asian Delight in LCCT was selling milo for rm3.90. An all time high.

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