Saturday, December 12, 2009

Latest Obsessh: Computer Games

Ugh. Not being consistent. Now tell me how am I going to be a writer? I can’t even write blogs.

I’m back again! Ever since I got back for the holidays I totally sweared off the internet and movies. Total time spent online for one week might as well be one hour. But I’m back! Because suddenly I’m missing the action in cyberspace =P

For the past one week or so, I’ve been obsessed about finding computer games to play. Something just triggered the gamer in me that’s been dormant for the longest time. And also I remember how engrossed I got with computer games when I was in school.

I guess the biggest misconception is that girls do not play games, or do not like games, or that all games are about shooting and killing. Well that’s totally bull because I LOVE playing games—first person shooter or not. And I know quite a few of my girl friends who are also game junkies.

The key to game playing is searching for a suitable game for you. Currently I’m playing the Sims3 which is, hands down the most girl-friendly game ever invented. I mean, once you play it, you’ll get totally hooked. I played the Sims and the Sims 2. But I think the latest sims is the best. My mom calls me crazy kid for spending the whole day playing that thing.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Sims, it’s a people simulator that lets you control people in the game. They live however you want them to live. The best part is that it’s an open ended game, which means that there are no particular storyline to the game. It is what you make it to be. In the game, you can make your sim person be gay, then adopt 3 children and become a politician. You might see a ghost, be a celebrity, or a chef. You can also control the people around your sim if controlling a family isn’t enough. You can design their homes, and buy things for their home. Make them work to support their family, or leave them in the streets and see how they fare.

I used to torture my sims, burn them or starve them to see what would happen. And like duh, they died. Screenshots below:

Screenshot Screenshot-2 Screenshot-4 Screenshot-5 Screenshot-7 Screenshot-8 Screenshot-9

Another game I highly recommend is Batman Arkham Asylum. I know, what? Batman? I was really skeptical at first but decided to play anyway. Of course, my brother left the chair empty with the game on screen and sound blaring through the speakers, and I couldn’t resist. I was kinda amazed with the advances in graphics of the game. Maneuvering is smooth and the graphic is seamless. But of course, considering the last time I really played was in 2005. Crikey.

The next game on my imaginary games wish list is Dragon age: Origins. It’s an RPG genre game, and there’s magic involved in the storyline so it’s ganna be goood. gave that game a 9.4 rating which is the highest rating of pc games.

That reminds me. All the games above are only pc games, and doesn’t include other game consoles. I used to play Final Fantasy on PS2 back in 2006, when it was Final Fantasy 12, and that was one of my favorite game ever. Final Fantasy 13 will be released soon but they decided to release it only for PS3. That’s a HUGE bummer but I’ll live. Next year I’m ganna get myself a PS3. We’ll see how it goes. Soo many things, soo little money!!


jack johnson said...

my sims char, Arcturus Mengsk, is a retired rock star. although having the coolest job in the world before, he was initially a nerd, fascinated by the world of computers and was often bullied at school. as a child he aspired to be the world's greatest hacker, but thanks to his absent-mindedness, forgot all about it and picked up the guitar instead. Having mastered both the guitar and Guitar Hero 3, he was able to reach out to fans from very diverse backgrounds and is said to be the key to his success. nowadays, he spends his time gardening, playing the guitar, teaching his children how to use the potty and managing his small share of the local grocery store.

During his younger days, Arcturus lived up to the regular rockstar expectations and had a long list of flings and one-night stands. however, there was one girl that he truly cared for, and her name was Holly Alto. it is not too much to say that Holly was the love of his life, however, upon finding out that Holly was underage only after a few of their 'private autograph sessions', he decided to break things off with her, for legal concerns and also due to the supposed association of Holly's father with the Mafia. till this day, they still keep in touch with each other, secretly meeting up at the local graveyard in the middle of the night, reminiscing on the good ol days and arguing with the ghosts nearby about the weather tomorrow.

His current female companion (whose name he forgot due to his absent-mindedness and old age) is an aspiring artist / musician. some may describe her as a gold digger, seeing as how she just stays at home and paints all day, but it is mostly his fault as he only hooked up with her to produce an heir to his rockstar throne. and so far she's performing quite well. while Arcturus planned for only one child to continue his legacy (due to the one bedroom house), the babymaker decided to pop out twins instead, making the doll house the twins play with seem like a more spacious place to live in.

sorry, i got bored. lol

Adil said...

jack johnson, seriously? go make a blogspot for yr sims.

Adil said...
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