Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dear Ramadhan

Dear Ramadhan,

It is sad to see you go. I wish you stayed around a little longer. You mean so many things to different people, but this time around, you're very special to me.

You symbolize patience and perseverance; but most important; you brought me closer to God.

I don't regret my past because they help to shape the person I am today but I wish I cherished you before, as much as I do now.

You've been a kind teacher to millions. I'm glad you were mine this year.

They call you the holy month for a reason and now I understand.

Farewell Ramadhan Kareem. Next year we shall meet again.

Till then I pledge to uphold the lessons and values I learn.

It won't be easy, but who ever said it would be?

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