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Adriana Lima, ‘cos she’s so perfect. I realized throughout the years that you can’t rely on specific brands or products to do wonders for your skin. Also, what could work on your friend, could have absolutely no chance of working on you. Though The Experts tell us that skin falls into one of these categories—oily, dry, combination & sensitive, it’s not really that rigid and we could simply end up with something in between.

To further turn this into a web article, I would like to continue in bullet points. Behold things we should never leave home without:

  1. Cleanse, tone, moisturize

Speaking of this, after so many trials and mistakes, I’ve learned that they is no such thing as a 3-in-1 combo like the Johnsons shampoo, no matter how convincing they sound like.

Plus moisturizer is a must. I’ve got super oily skin but I’m still using one. It makes a difference. If you break out, or get too oily or too dry, that means it aint suitable fo’ ya and time to change.

Oh yeah, and it’s ok to mix and match. For example, I use Cetaphil & Body Shop cleanser, Eucerin balancing toner, and Clinique anti-blemish moisturizer.

Brands to try: too many. Survey the pharmacies. Clean & clear set costs around RM30, Clinique 3 steps=RM350.

2. Sunblock

Sometimes I skip this, to let the skin breathe but only if I spend most of the time indoors. This is a prevention to wrinkles, sunspots and skin cancer. Higher SPF uses more chemicals, meaning higher chances of blocking your pores. So try to vary according to your activity. I’ve got one for everyday use, for longer sun exposures, for sports and one spray-on.

Brands to try: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer dry touch SPF 70=approx RM40, Body Shop Moisture white UV protection cream SPF 20=RM89, Banana Boat Sun protection lotion SPF 50=RM45, and for sports, Coppertone is the best!

3. Primers, foundations, bb creams (optional)

Find one that suits your skintone and doesn’t cause acne. Rule of thumb for any new product is, if it doesn’t work on your skin within 2 weeks, it’s never EVER going to work. Doctors and salesladies have told me this, and I think it’s a fair estimation.

Of course there are other factors coming into play when you’re talking about skincare, like having enough sleep and drinking lotsa water. But in terms of things you slap on your face, these are the basics.

Till next time, take care!

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