Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cleaning Up My Closet

Actually I loved that song with the same title by Eminem. Anyway, the past two days I was feeling a bit sick and I think it was food poisoning. Thanks alot whatever I ate. I dunno which one is to blame because I ate too much over the weekend. –_-

So basically I stayed home and whined alot. Yesterday I felt a bit better and decided to do some cleaning. My house has so much junk… The other day I was looking for a usb cable and I found five! I looked into one drawer and I found two webcams, 3 mouse, one earphone, tv cables and God knows how many cds we’ve got, it’s like the infestation of rodents except these are….. er… cables and mouse?

That’s why I started putting them up on Ebay going very cheap. Remember this? Also since we upgraded to UNIFI, we’ve got no more use of the wireless broadband modem and I sold that too. Both in marvelous condition btw.

I’ve got my mom’s watch, a Raymond Weil, and I’m thinking of selling that off too.

This afternoon my mom caught me holding a batik sarong. She asked me whether I was using that for praying. I said no lah ma, I wanna put this on Ebay. My mom flipped. I was like, but why? We bought this for 15 ringgit! I’m ganna sell it overseas for more! Mom’s ears were smoking by the time I said that. Turns out that was the sarong my opah gave to us for sedekah. How was I to remember? That was 2 years ago and they magically appear in my wardrobe.

Epic fail.

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