Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Most Unused Gadget


This is a story about how on a whim, I bought my most unused gadget of all time.

One day, my mom, two brothers and me went to KL to look for a new home pc. This is a decision we made after sometime, considering our home computer was as ancient as the dinosaur and hums like one too.

So the whole morning was dedicated to bargaining with the sales people at low yat plaza. We got a pretty good deal and a swanky looking CPU. We were happy. This was when things went wrong.

We should have went straight back home. But we didn’t, thanks to flashy shops and our inability to look ahead in a straight line.

To cut the story short, I entered a pda/pocket pc shop on the ground floor and came out with an HP Ipaq pocket pc. And it lay in my desk drawer forever more.

Btw, this was purchased 2 years ago.

Moral of the story: Go to the mall, get in, buy your things, get out. And oh, keep your eyes on the straight path ahead.

1 comment:

Sang Karipap said...

Wah3...canggihnya gadget ^^

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