Monday, October 14, 2019

Mental Health Well-being

I blogged about starting to exercise before. By now, I've made it a commitment to do it every single day except the weekend. The things that it does for my overall well-being is just short of amazing.

I don't know how to NOT make this sound like an advert but gosh. I just needed to say something somewhere. When I say exercise, it's actually short 10-20 mins bursts of HIIT. So it's quick, intense but so so effective.

So my morning routine goes like this:-

6.45/7am - Wake up, gets kids ready for kindy & daycare, breakfast
7.15am - Hubs send oldest to kindy & goes to work
8.30am - Send the toddlers to daycare
9am - Reach home, vacuum the house, feed cat, water plants, feed fish & tiny home touch ups
9.30am - Start HIIT. I LOVE Pamela Reif's
10am - Short shower
10.15am - Start work

I've been doing it consistently almost everyday since early of the year. I don't even think about my weight anymore because doing this, you get toned up so you don't really care anymore. Most days, I work on abs because hello three kids really mess up your middle! But yeah omg if you work on it everyday, you start seeing the muscles toning up and you start losing anything extra.

Plus it's so motivating when you start seeing some parts shrinking and lifted!

It sounds so simple, I started with 10 mins only, but the key word is EVERYDAY. Well, weekends for me is impossible because kids climb on me when I'm planking, so no thank you.

On the days that laziness start creeping in, I quickly remind myself that I have this amazing time in the world that I didn't have just one year ago. If I'm not using this time to get in shape, then what useless piece of meat am I? I choose to work flexible hours so I get to do things I can't normally do if I work 9-5. So I do have lazy days but I'm happy to say to I've been fairly consistent.

What's the aftermath besides feeling fit? Being in my line of work, you tend to get more rejections than yesses, so being fit also helps me feel a lot more positive. You also get less tired and more energetic. You sleep well.

I don't know if this is a plus, because you have to spend money (!) but I've swung from S size to M size but now definitely back to true S size.. so alot of my M sized clothes are baggy on my frame now.

So there you have it.. some of my friends have commented that I looked the same from uni days, but it isn't true because if you've gone through pregnancy, giving birth and nursing (x3) you are definitely NOT the same. It's a conscious effort to keep fit and to control eating habits. But I'll share that next time. 

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