Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Inspired by Maximum Ride

If you've never read the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson, then you should. The book tells a story about a bunch of genetically altered kids who are 10% avian and 90% human. That means they have wings and are stronger than the average adult human. If this sounds interesting, wait until you've read the whole series. I've yet to read no 3 and no 4.

In fact, you should try reading all of James Patterson's books. He's a versatile writer, to my delight. Turns out besides thrillers, which he's a master of, he also writes in the romance genre. One of his tear-jerking novels is Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas.

Some time during the holidays, I thought it would be cool to give my brother wings. Hence the picture below.


Bubbly Summer said...

this reminds me of this one pic of seth... dia letak wing kat belakang badan dia... just like how u did to ur bro..

and he calls himself, an angel. diabolic angel. =D

p/s: tak penah baca buku tu... perhaps coz bersiri..

complain to mahathir said...

sweeet...~ (pronounced in a surfer dude tone)

Adil said...

It is in 4 series. If you like Harry Potter, you'll like Maximum Ride!! Thanks for your comments!!

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