Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Difference between staying in college and coming back Home

I'm home!! *Kisses the floor*
I unloaded my stuff from the car trunk and dumped it on the marble floor. Immediately I could feel that my life was changing the instant I walked into my home. The burdened, heavy aura around me was lifted and I felt so light, I could've levitated. College and home is like the earth and water. (I'm not sure which is home, earth or water.) And it's really nice to come home after being holed up in that 5-star lock up.

The faces that greeted me were all smiley and happy, and I could literally feel giddiness seeping into my veins. You won't understand why the heck am I so happy about being home, you probably think I'm hyping it up but I swear, while I'm jumping up and down, my poor poor friends in college are wilting in their chairs.

It is that bad. If I happily announce my arrival at home to my peeps in college, they'll probably plan to murder me. Then again, they might be too busy with calculators and spreadsheets.

For one,
in college, there's always a dark cloud of gloom hanging over our heads. You can feel it following you wherever you go. The tension is incredible and hampers all productivity(mine). Coming home, on the other hand, is like a breath of fresh air. Imagine breathing in haze, then in a second, breathing in forest air. Which temporarily causes a personality change.

In college, everyone walks around with a permanent frown on their faces. Especially within one month before semester break. Wait. Scratch that. Make it all 6 months before semester break. What's worse is that, it's really contagious. I call it the UTP syndrome, as in universiti tensyenkan pelajar syndrome. At home, it's a mixture of everything. Happy, mad as a cow, impatient, which actually shows some diversity of the human emotion.

In college, I have to fork out my savings for everything. It's really not healthy to be seeing too much money flowing out of bank accounts, especially when at the end of the day, you couldn't figure out where all the money went. Big sigh. On the other hand, going back home=all expenses paid. Thank god for being a child to parents.

Yes, I said this countless times, but in college, internet is almost non-existent. I complained about it here and here. We paid for it, yeah. But if the time to load one page takes 10 minutes, and you call that internet, fine by me. Whatever rocks your boat. At home, I open up 10 tabs in 1 minute using Firefox. Hah. (I can't live without internet to be honest. I can live with looking at the computer until my eyes go red and watery but without the internet, I'm a lost soul. Exaggerate much :P)

In college, I know nothing about the world. We can do mass and energy balance calculations, but ask us about the current breaking news happening in the world, we'll give an empty stare. Either because it didn't dawn on us that it's half as important; or we simply don't have much space in our heads for unimportant stuffs like that. tsk. Back at home, I found that I've really been living under a rock. The world is just too important
to be ignored. The world economy is going into recession, for goodness sake.

I could give another 10 differences, but that would totally kill this post. I try to maintain an inquisitive mind in college, but I can't help going into recession there myself. I'm just hoping to survive another one month. Pray for me and everyone in UTP lock-up.

In utp...



pelajar yang tak belajar said...

statistics have shown that kissing floors is not good for the health, due to germs and microbes.

but if you Have to kiss something, alternatives would be walls or human beings, with walls being the preferred choice, coz you can be damn sure that walls don't kiss floors.

Adilah said...

okay, lol. I should think about your advice. very interesting. you sure walls don't have germs???

Bubbly Summer said...

kissing human beings is okay. Hahaha. True la kan, kiss la adik ke makcik ke.. hehe.

Anyway, the picture to describe in UTP tu.. kelakar!!! You make it looks so teruk!!!

But it's the truth.. yeah yeah.. understood. That's why i spent almost 2 months in KL this sem.. =D

Anyway, ur already at home but ur friends still kat UTP?? how come?

pelajar yang tak belajar said...

humans kiss floors. walls dont. so spttny humans have more germs on them. haha.

dia ada kat rumah pasal dia dah melarikan diri ke rumah.. while her poor poor friends are stuck in this place. i feel like im in azkaban.. -_-"

p/s: gloomy guy kinda looks like voldemort

Adil said...

I read somewhere that humans have as much germs as the toilet. Or something? I hope I'm wrong -_-

I'm at home because of Deepavali.
No way I'm staying away from home when there's some celebration going on.. Even if I'm not celebrating them.

And about that pic, it plays its role well about conveying the feelings of prisoners of azkaban/utp. well done pic :P

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