Sunday, August 17, 2008

UTP internet

Yeah thanks alot utp internet connection. You made me more connected to crap.
you make my life miserable.
I'm a simple person, call me negligent, but I wish the internet could be more more efficient for me. So I could move on and do other important things. Instead of checking 3 times to make sure an email is sent, an application is accepted.
3 times 10? 30 times of doing time-wasting activities. Totally makes my day.

Yeah, I paid rm98 for limitless use of maxis phone modem, to counter the god-speed internet here, but coverage in the room totally bawls me. I'm so surprised at the cutting-edge internet blocking system this place has.

I talked to maxis broadband, for the wireless services, but I doubt that there's any reliable service that could counter the sophisticated blocking system.

Frankly saying I'm 1 inch short of calling tmNET to drill a phone line up to my room, so I could have 1mbps. >THIS< short.

Wireless is useless here, cable connection is unreliable and unpredictable. Ammar and my family are probably one thousand miles away from me, and when they ask if I have a video cam, I'd have to sheepishly remind them about the UTP internet connection which could not support video conferencing.

I rant about it every now and then, but I always assure myself that the university is trying their best to remedy this, but What do I tell myself after years of coping with this humongous setback??

I'm NOT a passive person who just sits and contemplates till death. If the university wouldn't do anything, fine, I'll find my own internet supplier and I'm willing to pay rm200 for a reliable service; but when even that option isn't available, what, you want me to HaCk? Do all those tunneling work that some kids here are doing? It's not impossible, but that's irresponsible and selfish; and I'm none of that.

University Technology Petronas, hear my pleas and get me out of this misery. This isn't a world-class university until it's properly connected to the world. I mean, come on.

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Karipap Sardin said...

Nice posts..hehe

Tunneling work? Dah macam kat Palestin pulak..punya la kelajuan internet disekat, smpai terpaksa wa kerja 'korek terowong' nak 'seludup' masuk Internet ke UTP.

Apa2 hal pun internet kat kampus ni mmg _________ (smpai dh x tau nak kata apa) dari dulu sampai sekarang..

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