Sunday, August 17, 2008

UTP Swimming Pool

How much grief can it cause us girls?

I'll tell you, ALOT.
They think they can easily declare Wednesday and Friday a girls day and leave it at that? And let a creepy male keeper to live in the tiny little shack, only to come out at dawn to chase us out.

A.male.keeper. on

I could go on all day, but enough said.

1 comment:

Abdullah said...

dh byk rupanye post. forgive me for not checking. u know how it is, the internet. huhu.

some say that faith = emotions - logic. so if you don't really have faith, thats not a bad thing now is it.

plus, whats life without its surprises. its the blur that ur seeing that makes life fun. no one really knows where they're headed.

learn the ways of the slacker. relax..... chill.... things will sort itself out eventually. haha.


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