Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Last Weekend At Bangi

Last weekend, the dad, the mom, the two brothers and I slept in Bangi. Bangi is what you could say a quaint little town. So many eating places to choose from, and everything has its own specialty. I found three shops that had ‘halal’ in its name. That helps I guess, considering there are even rumors of Sushi & McDonalds not being halal. I know… say whaaaa?

I played around with the camera continuous shot to make a motion capture video. It plays for only one minute but I got a thousand stares especially when shouting “HOLD IT, HOLD IT, DON’T WALK SO FAAAST!” in a densely packed PKNS complex. Snap 10x.

P.s.: Thanks to Elvis’s song, you can’t play the video here. Go watch on you tube instead. What a selfish tube.

P.p.s: Ariani is having a crazy sale. Go check out. Can you say buy one free one?!?

P.p.p.s: I switched to Vimeo platform because youtube might bring down my video. I dunno. Enjoy!


bellabelon said...

Adilah cool gilaaa video niiii!!!1 wat cmane ajr kiteeee!!! :D :D

Nextime dtg bangi ajak la kte skali~ bleh gi ariani~~ :D

Geekazoid said...

boleh je tgk dekat sini. like the video btw.

Adil said...

Yaaaaaaaay tq tq. Glad u enjoyed. Xde la ape sgt. Masam jer vid tu. Amek gmba byk2, compile gna windows movie maker, n pilih soundtrack. Done!

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