Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ramadhan and Working

HIIII! This place is starting to grow cobwebs again. My bad. I never intended to abandon this particular creative outlet but you know, I had to chase little mischievous kittens all week long. You can guess how that feels like at the end of the day. Ok just kidding. I was working. Yep.

I obviously haven’t gotten used to using excess energy after the almost-two-months holiday. And I’m sleeping early like I used to again. About time too, because the eyebags were getting scary.

How’s ramadhan going for you guys? It’s second nature to me by now. The tummy doesn’t hold rock concerts in the afternoon anymore like it did in the beginnning. I don’t feel like buying the whole bazaar ramadhan anymore either. So that’s good.


That’s why I lost weight. Shucks. I tried gaining weight like crazy the past few months. That’s 2 kgs lost. It’s just ridiculous. Preposterous. Bonkers. Don’t be mad at me for saying this, but I envy people who can gain weight and make it stay!

I took weight gain for a while, but that was when I did a lot of swimming. Exercising actually helps me maintain weight. *So go exercise!!!!* Ramadhan is a no-exercise zone for me unfortunately.

You know how people always say to people gaining weight: “Makin sihat nampak”. There’s always a smile on their faces. Try saying the opposite: “You look so thin”. The person saying it gives out a concerned, sympathetic look that makes me feel like the underfed child from Africa.

So then I used to blame stress of studying. Now perhaps I could say, you know, work stress! Wee.

Happy weekend muchacha & muchachos!


humairah said...

xbestkan if orang tny why do u look so thin.. huuu~

Zinedine Zaiddin said...

At least turun la jgak..aku ni punya la usaha nak bagi turun, x turun2. =.="

Oke x kerja sambil berpuasa?

Geekazoid said...

waddya mean the eyebags were GETTING scary? lol joke. puasa kena sabar.

Adil said...

humairah: ditto! xtau nk jwb apa. Nk kata xmakan, br makan sate 20 batang.

zz: Ade la dgr petua org ni. Klau lapa, minum jer. xtau la bleh pkai ke x bln posa O.o

Geekazoid: O HA-HA.

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