Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ramadan Kareem


السلام عليكم

I’ve missed blogging so much!!!! One day, I opened up my blog thinking it’s only been 2-3 months since I last posted. Behold! It’s almost one year! What??!! My last post was when Naila turned one, and she’ll be two in 4 months. Sobs. Time does go by very fast.

Last year around this time I remember having a hard time fasting and the fasting months didn’t feel like one because I was so exhausted taking care of a 7 month old and balancing my workload at the same time. God is so great, this year alhamdulillah there are lots of changes, particularly since the baby is all grown up and I finally got domestic help.

I just wanna say, that we will always be bombarded with problems of the world. Keep your head high, brave it and pray a lot. On those days that feels bleak, just sit in a corner and pray. My favorite surah to ponder is ad-dhuha and al-insyirah that I go back to over and over again when everything feels too much. You can ask anything from God, don’t be shy and don’t feel like you don’t deserve it.

I’ve got so much to share!! (Don’t we all?) But I don’t wanna blab here yet. Wait for my next post!

Take care wonderful people.


Ida said...

Agreed! Allah always there. Dont stop fighting!

Ibu said...

Buatlah come back :D

Adil said...

Thank you ladies!! ^_^

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