Friday, March 12, 2010

Something Rocks My Socks

I’ve followed Apple products closely for the past – lets say about 10 years. The first time I saw an apple product, I thought, what a beauty. The monitor was orange! Then I saw Elle Woods carrying an Apple laptop in Legally Blonde. I loved it.

Then they came up with the ipod which is pretty much revolutionary, but for some reason, I didn’t buy one, instead going for a Creative player which was twice cheaper and twice the amount of memory space.

When the Iphone came in, I was tempted. But my phone was perfectly fine and had everything I needed and it’s tiny, which I like because I really prefer to store everything in my jeans pocket.

I endured my best friend changing from ipod shuffle to ipod nano to ipod video to ipod touch. Plus she also bought an Imac—the apple laptop, and sent me on many trips to the Apple center in KL.

In 2010, they introduced another gadget. The Ipad. Yes, the name is silly. And yes, it reminds people of that certain time of the month. But man, the product trumps the silly name. And I think I’ve found MY APPLE PRODUCT.


Ted Mosby said...

totally off topic, but has anyone ever told you your pic in the about me section kinda makes you look a BIT like a hamster? but in a GOOD way, i.e cute / adorable, not in a bad way i.e scruffy and poops everywhere.

er. getting back to your post, totally like the apple laptop, if not for the lack of games available on the apple OS platform, definitely would have bought one YEARS ago. plus they make super cool ads.

Adil said...

1st time ever someone says i look like a hamster. so far its been, u look like my sis, fren, cousin twice remove. apparently i got hundreds of lookalikes out there.

u shud get one once you work! ^.^

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