Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sounds Like Taboo

It’s Wednesday night. Me and family perched in front of the tv after dinner together. We were watching history channel. Sounds perfectly natural right? We have this habit of watching the Universe series together.

I love it, my brothers love it, my dad loves it, and my mom, not wanting to be left out usually joins us but happily doing so from the side while reading magazines. It’s like the only thing on tv that doesn’t cause a remote war between my brothers, or an eye roll from me, or a resoundingly authoritive “no” from dad.

Instead we sit together like happy bunnies for the one hour show. A basket of laundry to fold and seated happily, waiting. Then “The Universe” flashes on screen. I was like YAY. LOL. It was gay but whatever. Then the title continued :Sex in space.

I stopped folding the tshirt, and my 20 year old brother gave an audible hah? with gleaming interest in his eyes. The rest just kept quiet and pretended the tv didn’t say that.

So how does one deal with awkward situations (and disappointing ones given that I was looking forward to this show) involving something as unspeakable as that. What do you do when all of a sudden flashed an explicit topic on screen that’s practically taboo in your family, as if inviting you to discuss it with your family like a forum competition??

What I did was to pick up my laundry basket and said “I’m out of here”. I honestly can’t watch anything that topic with my parents and my little brother around. No matter how academic or scientific it is. It’s just weird and I’d pray for the earthquake or thunderstorm.

So maybe some people could sit through the entire thing with ease and with their parents and 11 year old brother but I’d rather do a drunken drag queen impersonation in front of the class than watch that with the family.

Seems like dad changed the channel. My mom back in the kitchen and brothers doing their thing. So much for family tv time. I’m just going to wait for the next episode. Back to desperate housewives. Alone. Ehem.

Till then, take care!


Geekazoid said...

watch this vid.

Adil said...

Didn't know who Aziz Ansari was until I googled him. Nice.. very related. Though he's talking about something less educational. Hahah

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