Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Dreams and then some

It's like 11.54pm at the moment. Lately, I've been sleeping late and waking up with panda eyes which is not good for Instagram close-ups. Yup, I'm thinking about stuff like that now. What a far cry from the days of sarong the whole day. 

I guess life changes in a split second. You have to savour every moment. 

You also have to make firm decisions that would propel you into a new life. Five years later, you'll thank the day you decided to make exercise part of your morning routine. You'll thank the day you pick up the camera and start sharing on youtube. You'll thank the day you started consciously avoiding things with an extensive carbon footprint. You'll thank the day you tentatively invested a little amount in the stock market. 

If you have dreams, it's easy to take the next step that would support it. It's never comfortable but it will feel purposeful and necessary. 

When I started out on social media, I didn't know which language to write in. I felt comfortable expressing myself in english but I'm aware that I would alienate the people who needed the knowledge the most. So I decided to brush up on my awkward bahasa and punch through. OK PUN. As they say. It might still be awkward but who cares. The important thing is that I'm conveying my message clearly.

I also wished that I could hide behind words and continue blogging forever. But if we don't get out of our comfort zone to do what is required, others will and then take away our dreams too. 

I look at Bill & Melinda Gates with their philanthropic work. Simply inspiring. I could listen to him talk about eradicating Ebola & infectious diseases all day. He changed the world via tech and philanthropy. And managing to be humble.

If there's something we should be good at, it should be something we're already doing. I'm hoping that one day, my kids will say "mommy & daddy" as their inspiration.  

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