Monday, June 16, 2008


One thing I love about family is how they manage to cheer you out of the gloom. Yesterday I hung out at my aunt's house. These days, I seem to be going there almost everyday for reasons that baffle me. Somehow, I'd end up at their doorstep, eating their food, using their internet. But they're always like, 'come on in'!! as if I haven't been there for years.. which is fun. And doesn't hurt that when I go, it's a full house.

I'm posting pics of our craziness. Pardon the old picture vibe, it my latest obsession.


Abdullah said...

why are your "cuzzies", i assume, dressed up as pixies? fairy princesses? strange, half-girl, half-insect creatures? lol.

Adil said...

They got excited seeing each other and brought out their wings :) basically one cousin gave the wing thing to the other and whenever they both meet, u'll know.

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