Thursday, July 31, 2008

So many project(s)

One of them is ETP-engineering team project, which sounds kinda scary, even for me. We're assigned into groups of 6 which consists of different engineering practices. And when you mix everyone like that together, it's either a recipe for superbness or disaster.

I'm glad to report that for now, we're practically forming the fantastic 6 in terms of working dynamics. On the working front, things are coming along.

One thing I've just gotta point out is that our supervisor looks like Ian Thorpe, world no 1 swimmer circa 2000, which I'm embarrassed a little bit to say, really excites me. Because in 2000, he was my idol. So now, I will be calling my supervisor Mr. Thorpe, in his honor and in my preference.

I will never admit to having a good time in UTP, therefore, here are pictures of the place I hate:
(exclusive views of students and janitors, because corporate websites never show these pictures and lecturers are too posh to walk on these parts)

1 comment:

Abdullah said...

for a place you dont like, you sure make it look nice..! :P

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