Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Week of Mishaps and Misfortunes

Due to 'staggering' demand of a new post, I decided to cut my hiatus short and put an end to the misery of my friends--you know who you are; and besides, there's some pretty intense stuff happening over the week.

Aside from two tests, and aside from the usual mish-mash, I thought last week was the unluckiest week for people around me. One person got into a motorbike accident, a lecturer fell down and fractured her humerus (this was the word the doctor used to describe her upper arm) and my poor max popped out an eyeball. And by the way, Max was my Syrian hamster.

If anything else could go wrong, it would be last week. And it actually did. We hit a stone wall with our group project and to be honest, I feel like I should blame my supervisor for steering us away from the original plan. Mr Thorpe, how did you manage to waver all of us?

To top the week of mishaps and misfortunes, there were two consecutive tests on Friday and Saturday, which I must say is quite a beat in the head.

That was last week in a flash, though the weekend was quite pleasant for such a dreadful week and it involves some retail therapy and good food at Iro Iro. So I was re-energized for a brand-new week. That's how it goes.

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not sarcastic said...

'staggering'? my friend (as my sv dr faiz wud say), u r becoming more n more sarcastic by the day.. haha. welcome to the dark side... muahaha.

selamat hari raya!

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