Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pizza Hut Batu Gajah

This will be a short post, I hope.

I went to Pizza Hut yesterday with my roomie, just to celebrate the first day of study week. I thought it would be a pleasant eating experience, but guess what happened.

We ordered this:
  1. 1 mushroom soup
  2. 2 breadstix (because garlic bread was out of stock)
  3. 2 meatball carbonara
  4. 1 salad bowl
  5. 1 set something pockets
Immediately after our order, they gave us the receipt and I noticed there was only one meatball carbonara. I called this waitress chick over and corrected her. This was basically how it went:
"Miss, can you add another meatball carbonara to the order?"
"Ok, add another carbonara. So that means 2 carbonaras right?"
"Yup, thanks."

A new receipt came, showing another carbonara on the bottom of the list. We went on eating salad while gossiping. 10 minutes later, that waitress came over with an order we didn't make.

"You ordered spaghetti carbonara," she said while putting the thing on the table. Me and roomie looked at each other.
"No, we didn't. We ordered 2 meatball carbonara."
"No, you ordered spaghetti carbonara."
She said that with a punch-worthy face. I looked at my roomie and she backed me up saying, "She said meatball carbonara."
"No, it was meatball carbonara."

Then I told her to leave the damn spaghetti there. And she didn't even apologize. That *****.
It didn't stop there. Shortly afterwards, when we decided to forget that rude *****, we called another waitress to order a regular pizza for take-away. She allegedly made a note on that, and we continued eating.

After finishing everything, leaving scraps that we brought back with us, we went to the counter to pay. Then I told another waitress that we ordered pizza for take-away. She checked the register and guess what? There wasn't an order for pizza from our table.

What the hell is wrong with these people? They were completely rude, NEVER apologize, CARELESS, and worst of all, we PAID for their damn service. It's on the damn bill. RM 4.25.

I AM NEVER GOING BACK TO PIZZA HUT BATU GAJAH EVER AGAIN. And this is a lesson for all. I hope you guys won't go there. Turns out it's not only me, but a bunch of other people who went through the same thing. At the same place. Unless, you wanna experience the same thing for whatever reason that baffles me.

Remember, the name is PIZZA HUT BATU GAJAH. BOdoh.

1 comment:

Cres said...

It sucks! Why oh why did you go there? Their service tax should be scrapped off!

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