Monday, June 15, 2009

Glory of Being Sick

The past weekend wasn’t a very eventful weekend. I managed to get sick and lie down the whole Saturday. I didn’t wanna go to the doctor because I’ve been there soO many times that if I ever step foot in there again, she’s ganna think I’m that girl who loves asking for MC. Either that, or I’m the one who has a very corrupted immune system.

But I did go anyway on Saturday, my head was killing me. I went home with close to 20 meds, ok kidding, more like 7 different types. Pop them in and went hibernating until the end of winter.

Then yesterday my brother said, “Don’t you feel relieved about getting sick? No thinking about assignments, chores, work, complications yadda yadda.”

Aside from feeling your throat being scrubbed raw, tummy aches from coughing and the need to hold on to a tissue box constantly, yeah, it’s l-i-b-e-r-a-t-i-n-g as hell! All I’m expected to do is rest and get well soon. My only job in the world until I get better. All I need to do is to sleep.

Where’s Adilah? She’s sick? We’ll need to discuss those SOPs once she’s back in the office.

Pasaipa Adilah tak ikut? Dia demam. LAAAA..

You’re still sick, stay home until you’ve fully recovered.

Oh yes baby I love the responsibility of getting sick. It’s almost like a vacation of the mind. I don’t know. Maybe I’m the only one weird thinking like this. But I know my dad was the same when he got those kidney stones. Medical leave for 2 weeks. Getting sick in the middle of a crazy period is such a relief.

Here I cannot resist one corny line. Who would’ve thought getting sick is such a blessing in disguise?


Sabrina said...

but once ur back at the office, you will get pile of work on your desk.

kalau takde meaning you are lucky! =)

Adil said...

klau xde, maksudnye Im in lotsa trouble. hahaha

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