Sunday, May 30, 2010

Little Critters

Hello. I'm writing this just to show that my hamsters are still alive.

Saturday night I decided to give a little freedom to my pet hamsters. I set up their fence (which you can buy at major pet shops) and let them go wildddd.


The fence is about RM125, which isn’t too expensive I think. Anyways they serve their purpose well when cleaning hamster cages and you need a place to contain the little critters (that’s a brand name is it??) and cardboard boxes do not work because they chew their way out in 5 minutes tops.


That’s Kasturi and Cholte facing off in an attempt to secure their own territory. Whatever. I don’t usually put them in a cage together, so during outings, they tend to waste their time doing unnecessary things like this.


Hamsters in hamster playpen. I had to keep a look out the whole time they were in the pen just to make sure they didn’t try something creative like climbing the fences or biting on the other hamster or even biting on my carpet =_=

This fence would be perfect for a small hamster type like roborovskis or chinese hamsters and less for syrian hamsters like mine because they’re so huge and though they don’t realize this, if they put their whole concentration on breaking through the fence, it would give way. Usually it takes them about 15 minutes to figure this out if I’m not watching.(Past experience.psshh)


Hamster food heaven. Giving them some treats in the treat box. Totally made that up. Sometimes I just feel like they should help themselves that’s all.

I’ve always loved and always will love animals (except creepy crawly roaches and the likes) but when my mix persian cat Figaro went missing a long time ago, my family was devastated and afterwards just got hesitant about keeping pets.

That’s why I wanted something small and manageable. I started keeping hamsters because I thought they would be easy to care for. Yeah, that and another tiny little fact that most people seem to miss is that they die easily. So it’s not ‘easy’ to care for hamsters. They’re delicate and sensitive and once sick, they die fairly quickly. But they’re also like little teddy bears with unique personalities which I’m sure would surprise many people in the beginning. I was.

Their fur is really dense and soft. It’s like having a squishy toy that’s alive. So I’m really happy to have gotten them. My hamsters would be almost 2 soon. Love them! Love them!!!!!!!!!

Vid below.

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