Thursday, October 7, 2010

Emo Post

I hate it when:

  1. People borrow my stuff without my permission
  2. People entering my room without my permission
  3. People touching my things without permission, then spoils it
  4. People touching my things without permission, spoils it and does not inform me, letting me discover myself when I’m about to use it
  5. People touching my gadgets and spoiling it
  6. People touching my gadgets and pretending its theirs taking it all over
  7. People entering my room and touching my stuff without permission
  8. Strangers entering my room and roam around
  9. People entering my room and start opening boxes and drawers and my memoir boxes
  10. People taking my stuff without telling and leave me wondering where it went
  11. People making a mess of my space and leaving me to clean it.
  12. People sitting on my made-up bed and not tidying it back
  13. People rummaging through my make up and jewellery without MY PERMISSION
  14. People burning my collection of candles without my permission
  15. People using my earphones without my permission!!! (GROSSSSSSS)
  16. People using my laptop, camera, handphone, whatever without my permission!&*(^*#&$^&*$(
  17. People calling international using my handphone without my permission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. People touching my hamsters without my permission
  19. Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Now you know how anal I can be. Done. End of story.


jnana said...

I'm the same! And people call me selfish because of this. :( I'm trying to work on this, because I'd like to be generous and selfless about everything but I can't help some things!

Nickelodean said...

memang emo ni.. ade orang dh buat something kt awak ke adilah? huhuh

Sabrina said...

Hmmm...lemme guess...
family member who ur not that close to?

Adil said...

jnana: Sometimes it's hard to handle those without boundaries -_- if u know what I mean..
Nickelodeon:A ah
Sabrina: Correction: a family member who's too close that its extremely smothering me.

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