Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sod Off

Pardon me for being either a) MIA or b) a little angry because that is life now I suppose.

So we have a new colleague at my workplace. And being the people pleaser that I am, I try to make him feel at home starting day 1. Up until day 7, I started noticing that something was off about this guy; for such a small guy, he’s got plenty of arrogance. Not much older than me, but way more high and mighty.

So today he laughed and patronized me because I didn’t know Steven’s Corner. My colleague said, nevermind laa, you don’t have to know Steven’s Corner. The food’s not good anyway.

That shut him up. Means its true.

Plus Steven’s Corner owner was remanded by the police for flogging people apparently.

Also, turns out this colleague was fired from his last job. Not surprised. He and Steven’s corner can sod off into the sunset together.

After all, I’d rather hang out at la manila with Bella. (Hey, it rhymes!)


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