Saturday, June 23, 2012

What Are You Willing To Pay For Yourself?

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Hi, happy weekend peeps!

I just thought to share something that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. In 2009, I bought a long t-shirt from Giordano for RM99. I’m still wearing the shirt till today.

I once bought a handbag for RM35 which lasted me 5 months tops. It wasn’t nice to the touch and the quality wasn’t anything to die for. In the end, I only ended up using the bag a few times.

So the question is, how much are the stuff that you buy actually worth?

It isn’t always about the price. You can buy a book that costs RM150, but gain unlimited knowledge from it. You may buy a t-shirt that costs RM10, but begin to have loose threads after the second wash and totally unravel after the tenth wash.

Value of an item is really subjective. Sometimes I hear people saying, I can’t afford to buy organic food or they simply can’t be bothered. Which is really sad, because organic food might actually prolong your life for 5 years (God willing). And keep you healthy for that 5 years. Who wouldn’t want health in old age?

I’ve always liked the idea of value buying. Price should come second, if the value of the item is justified. I mean, come on, what is a couple hundred ringgit if the item lasts you 10 years, for example?

There’s just way too many people who are money-centric these days. Why should you attached yourself to money so much instead of looking beyond it to see the value of what is it that you’re buying? Why say a RM150 bracelet is too expensive when it’s made out of Swarovski crystals and silver and probably last you 5 years? Instead of, let’s say, RM15 that would break in 5 months and doesn’t look as nice. That is, if you’re looking for a bracelet.

Someone I know last time asked, why do you love to buy expensive handbags? (Relative to others) Answer is, I don’t love to buy expensive handbags.

I’m very rough with my things, and I lead an active lifestyle which requires me to open and close my handbags many times a day (ok Lol it’s true). And I go from markets to offices to malls. And also to travel. I’ve got 3 handbags tops and I use them till their crushed. Usually that takes around 3-4 years each. That translates to about RM3 per month value!

How to calculate value? A basic calculation is:

Price of item / no. of months item is use = value

So next time, really think about what is it that you want. Is it worth your money? Do you wanna have it replaced after 1 month? Are you really saving money like you think you are or are you just fooling yourself into thinking that you are?

Happy value spending & happy weekend!

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