Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cats & Babies


So last week, my roommate of 4 years, tennis double partner, shop till u drop partner gave birth to a baby boy! I didn’t go visit until it was the 5th day and it looked like she’s been doing it forever. So pro. I didn’t cradle the baby because he was so tiny and fragile. Someday I will, when he gets a little bit older.

I still can’t believe she’s a mother now. Seems like yesterday that we were running to the laundry shop with basketful of clothes together. Or buying bikes in Ipoh together. Or psyched over a tennis match together.

Thankfully we made it to Cameron Highlands together with the husbands.


Welcome to the world baby Aamir. Ala ala Aamir Khan.

On a completely unrelated news, me and hubs got a baby kitten!


We’ve always been cat people, and it’s just the right time. We call her Chanel which is a funny story. Me and hubs were joking about the ultimate mengadaness, having a fluffy cat named Chanel and a Hermes handbag. When we finally got her, we had no idea what to call her.

My husband looked at me and had a funny expression. Chanel? So I called her Chanel and all of a sudden the kitten responded with a meow and wagged its tail. Ok just kidding. She totally ignored us. But the name stuck.

Chanel is quite a handful. What more babies >.<

Until next time, Ciao!

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