Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy happy

jar of gardenia soaps

Can’t believe its end of the year already!! Time flies sooo fast.

I read a wonderful suggestion somewhere the other day. Get an empty jar, then for every happy momentous moment, write a note about it and keep it the jar! Let the notes accumulate for one year, then read it at the end of the year!

There’s so many things that gets us down and not much to remind us what’s good in life. This is just one way to literally count your blessings so I’m definitely going to try it :)

Anyways happy new Gregorian calendar year! =P


Yours truly,

Annoying master & the sleepy kitty



Ghadeer said...

That's such a cute idea- think I'll be doing that for next year!

aniszcenna said...

salam singgah... wow.. best nyer g langkawi

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