Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Whirlwind 2013

Salam everyone!

Thinking back the year 2013 is such a roller coaster. In the beginning of the year, me and hubs sat down with Chanel (no baby yet!) and wrote down what we wanted for the year. I remember hubs saying ‘we can’t put having a baby as a goal, because babies are a gift.’ I guess God thinks we’re ready because in February, I conceived.

My pregnancy looked very easy, I was active throughout all 10 months (gasp) and I think it gave my husband a false impression on how difficult pregnancies actually are. However despite having a relatively easy pregnancy, I had a challenging time managing my other responsibilities.. which required me to drive a lot, walk a lot, and meet a lot of people. I remember my baby kicking hard when I was driving at 8-9 months. I don’t think I ever sat still my whole pregnancy!

Thinking back, because of my condition and my hectic work, me and hubs travel less this year. However, we still managed to make that one week getaway to Langkawi in January and Cameron Highlands in March.

I knew that for every hard work, and the bun baking in the oven will be unveiled towards the end of the year. In October, 2 weeks after I celebrated my birthday, and after many guesses from everyone, baby Naila decided to pop out! And my husband was offshore for a good 3 weeks! And alhamdulillah my business was running well with minimal supervision.

Towards the end of the year, I feel very humbled and thankful. Having a baby makes me humbled. Makes me value time more. Makes me appreciate women more, especially my mom and my grandmas. I am thankful for having an easy pregnancy, a memorable birthing experince, a healthy baby and a great support system during my berpantang recovery period, and people to care for baby while I needed to get work done. 

I don’t know what else to say… I’m just in that thankful mode, ya know, great things are still happening—ongoing—the love hormones are still flooding my system. So yeah, I can’t wait for another great year! Maybe more travelling this time? Maybe to visit baitullah? Who knows?

Have a great year ahead!

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