Thursday, July 10, 2014

Look Fab with Running Shoes


I must admit, when it comes to footwear, at most I can boast about having one row of black leather shoes. Maybe some crocs mary janes in between. Yup. That’s me. When my hubs actually took me to shop for shoes, I’ll be the one like, OH YEAH and headed straight for the monochrome section. More so now that I’m a mom and monochrome is the easiest to match outfits! You know how Steve Jobs has hundreds of the same black sweater? I’m like that with shoes.

But there’s an exception. When it comes to sports shoes, I go wild! My pick is always running shoes because they’re so versatile. You know how sports wear can be a bit drab? I thought, why not spice up the whole outfit with fabulous running shoes?

How do you choose a good running shoe?

1. Must be COMFORTABLE. Exercise is no walk in the park I tell you. (No pun intended!)

2. Choose the correct size

3. Matches your personality

Some girls might prefer a pink colored running shoe…


while others might adore another colour.


However, do not wear a running shoe too tight or loose as it could cause an aggravated problem.

One of the problems caused by wearing a shoe smaller than your foot size are blisters. The painful blisters are formed with the frequent friction of a rough spot from the shoe to sensitive areas of your foot. For example, the part normally forms blisters are the back of your feet. Once you have the blisters, it would be very hard for you to walk. The pain just isn’t worth it.

I walk a lot but the ladies and men who participate in marathon events will surely acknowledge that a good comfortable pair of running shoes is what contributes to the confidence of the wearer. Well, even running in the park needs a really good pair of shoes!


Sublime Lime.

A person’s energy level may quickly decrease if the shoe for running does not provide comfort and support. The lack of support will bring feet and ankle pain. This is because long distance walking and running adds pressure to our tired feet especially if the shoe has thin padding.

Due to the same reason, you will experience heel pain which is the inflammation of your heel and sometimes your whole foot sole. The inflammation is mainly caused when you haven’t been active for quite some time or a dramatic increase in your physical activity routine.

Take it down a notch and do not put pressure on your feet especially when you are slowly starting to be active. Rest them well and follow your own pace when exercising.

It’s also important to change your running shoes after a while, because believe it or not, shoes have mileage in them. And like a car with high mileage, sometimes it’s time to say bye bye and change to a new one.

Soo the big question is, where do I find these fabulous running shoes? Your answer is Zalora. I’m sure you’ve heard of Zalora. They’re everywhere! Try and have a look at Zalora website as they provide a wide range of running shoes suitable for both men and women. They have local and international brands made available so you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

My personal favorite?



Purplicious they say.

Take care and happy shopping at Zalora!


-This is a sponsored post-

-All shoe photos are taken off the Zalora website-

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