Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Review: Babyjogger City Mini


All I can say about the Babyjogger City Mini is wow. I can only sing praises for it. We started using the Babyjogger City Mini when Naila was about 3 months old. The back can be reclined almost flat and 3 month old Naila had no problem being comfortable in it.

The first thing I notice about it compared to other ‘everyday’ stroller is how sturdy it is. The build is strong unlike most easy-fold lightweight strollers. It weights approximately 7kg—which is on the heavier side of the lightweight category but unlike most, this stroller is suitable for baby from birth up to 22 kg.


At first I thought the seat could use a little more padding, but then we started using it at the park where it was really hot and humid so we thought it was perfect. Just that to make the baby more comfortable, we added the infant insert.

We used the stroller on all sorts of surface—pebbled sidewalks, brick roads, tar roads, wooden floors, in the mall.. you name it. The big tires just glided over them smoothly. These are not air pumped tires like the F.I.T. jogging strollers but they are just as durable.


Another thing we loved about the stroller is the huge sunshade. In fact, that was the push to buy the stroller. Living in Malaysia, we knew that we were going to be outdoors or walking out in the hot sun, so the sunshade is so important for us. There are two levels of shade coverage. When you push down the shade it totally covers the baby inside that only her legs are exposed.


Then there’s the fact that the stroller can be folded up and opened with just one hand. I can’t begin to tell you how important this is especially when you’re alone with the baby and you don’t wanna spend another second to figure out how to open the stroller.

The stroller folds flat, and fits our compact car boot. I mean how awesome is that? If there isn’t enough space, the back tires can be taken off.


The stroller has all the basic features such as tire brakes, luggage basket, swivel front tires and it comes in many colors. Add-ons include cup tray, belly bar, weather shield, glider board and a parent console.



To sum it up, we love, love the Babyjogger City Mini! It’s compact enough, lightweight, sturdy and pretty much fits our active lifestyle. Plus the baby is loves it too. Totally recommended from birth.


Eva said...

Adilah, yg ni bule facing mummy tak?

Adil said...

Yang ni cannot Eva.

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