Thursday, November 12, 2015

Relationship Dynamics

The other day I opened my sleeping laptop and I saw Florence and machines on the screen.


We’ve got such different tastes in music. I’m more of a top 40, pop music person. He’s more.. I don’t know.. angst, sad, weird electro music kinda person. Because we have such different tastes in music, we have a rule. Whoever drives gets to have his music on the radio. Although in the end we end up listening to ‘If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands’.

He loves savory flavorful food. I love mild, soupy things. He hates them.

On parenting, he takes my queue because I read way more than him. Hah.

We’re married for almost 4 years now. But every time we get into the argument of it’s my way(!!!), I always wondered how did I end up marrying a person so different than me!

You think you know someone after 10 years. Nope. Still get flabbergasted.

I mean you know, it’s fun that we’re different. Like sometimes I get to eat cookies and cream ice-cream, sometimes it’s strawberry. If it we’re up to me, it will be chocolate all the time.

When we just got married, moving in with each other was interesting. I went,”we’re using Dove body shower and shampoo right?”

He went, “I like tough soaps like Dettol.”

So I went, “Dettol strips off moisture. No good. I can’t use that.”

“We’ll just keep our soaps then.”

We ended up having 2 sets of body shower, shampoo, toothpastes and other toiletries. We can’t even agree on the same toothbrush brand. Imagine the toiletries bag when we travel. That’s not counting Naila and her bag of organic things.

I must admit there was a lot of power struggles in the early days. I was used to having my way or the highway. Nowadays, it’s okay, fine your turn now, but my turn later.

Or we’ll have two of everything! Problem solved.

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