Monday, May 23, 2016

Bump Update 31 Weeks

Hi Yall!
I honestly don’t know where did all the weeks go?!? Saying this pregnancy is going by so fast is an understatement. When I calculated 32 weeks to be 8 months, suddenly it hit me. I’m having a new baby in 2 months!

Not sure if I’m ready!

This week I could’ve taken better care of what I eat. I should’ve drank more milk, eaten more healthy food. It’s more like a binge of everything I can think of. This one time, I was super hungry and chips is the only thing available, I finished the whole bag. I’ve been really baddd.

I almost forgot that I’m preggers sometimes because of the move & early this month, my cat Chanel fell off the 5th floor of our apartment. It was heartbreaking and intensive work to bring her from one hospital to another. Naila started school, but she also had a high fever.

I was so occupied with taking care of a sick household that I couldn’t think of anything else.

I haven’t bought a thing for baby No. 2. Nothing. Maybe next month when things are back to normal.

Naila is EXTRA clingy. Wants me around all the time. But Hubs has been spending more time with her, taking her along when doing chores and stuff. At least she’s big enough now to put on her own shoes, eat, and potty.

Frankly saying, I don’t feel pregnant except for the hard kicks when I’m about to fall asleep at night. That, and the fact that if I tried sleeping on my back, it feels like I was sleeping with a coconut sized rock on my stomach.

All in all, I think my pregnancy is fairly easy. The baby doesn’t give much fuss. Even when I’m hungry he/she doesn’t raise a kicking match like Naila last time. THANK YOU I pray that you’re an easy, calm baby once you’re born.

Doctor Norshida said you’ll weigh more than 1kg around now. So big already. I hope you don’t weigh more than your sister.. 3.1kg is big enough I think.

‘Till next week!

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